“No Need To visit RTO Office FOR Learner’s License IF Applied Through Aadhar”- ARTO


Saket Dinkar |News Editor

Ghaziabad: Now a good news for all Ghaziabad residents from RTO that no need to visit RTO for learner’s license if applied through Aadhar card which can now be downloaded from home on one click, sitting at home after passing learner’s license test. Yes, you have heard right. RTO Ghaziabad has also started issuance of learner’s license online and test can also be given online, sitting at home and if passed the test, the learner license can be downloaded without visiting RTO office. After passing the test, a message on the registered mobile number of applicant is flashed alongwith a link for downloading learner’s license and just get it printed. This facility has recently been introduced at Ghaziabad under the direction of visionary ARTO; Sri Rahul Srivastava who recently resumed duties of ARTO(Admn.) at Ghaziabad.

On asking by News Editor, “A News of India” how he started signal test and issuance of learner license online? Sri Rahul Srivastava; ARTO informed, “we were receiving the maximum numbers of queries related with application formalities and issuance of learner license process everyday. People often asked the same very question that there is no slot available for the next 2-3 months how we can apply for learner license? In fact people are unaware about it that entire system of RTO in Ghaziabad has also been made online where you don’t need to visit regional transport office even once for applying and or for receiving learner license. Even signal test can also be completed and passed online. In this system, the applicant has to apply online through his or her Aadhar number on the sarthi parivahan portal and the applicant can participate in the test after paying requisite fees online. For example Rs. 150/- is per class of vehicle like LMV( which stands for light motor vehicle which applies for cars), or MCWG(Motor Cycle With Gear) or MCG(Motor Cycle Without Gear). Similarly other classes of vehicle including; Tractor or Auto Rickshaw or any other class of vehicle are also defined in a separate classes of vehicle. Supposing some one wants to apply for learner’ license for MCWG, then he has to submit fees of Rs. 150/-(per class of vehicle) plus Rs. 50/- as testing fees. If some one wants learners license for 2 classes of vehicle like LMV and MCWG, he/she has to submit fees of Rs. 150/- + 150/- (= 300 + Rs. 50 as one time testing fees of Rs. 50/-). It means he/she has to submit a total some of Rs. 350 for 2 classes of vehicle including testing fees of Rs. 50/-.

If some one apply for learner’s license online through his or her Aadhar number, there will only be two chances for appearing in test for issuance of learner license. Practically, test for learning license is basically tests for road signals/indicators, general awareness about traffic rules to be followed on roads during driving etc. The tutorials for the tests are also uploaded on the official website of “Sarathi Parivahan” which is very basic nature of test and children of today’s age who are computer friendly and are having even average I.Q. can easily pass learner’s test conducted by RTO, Ghaziabad. If any one passes the test, the learner license is approved and on the same very day and or very next very day, a message on the registered number of the applicant from RTO office is flashed about passing of test and downloading issued learner license. Now this is so easy. But people are unaware about all these developments and they are always opting for slot and waiting for long often and wasting their precious time. Now at Ghaziabad RTO office, although, a lot of tools for public awareness like display of banners and boards have been erected, wherein, relevant information for public awareness about formalities, documentations, fees, form on which to be applied etc. Required by RTO in details are available at RTO Ghaziabad. All the required information have been well described with required fees, formalities and documentations required including applicable forms. So it is now very easy to handle the situation at Ghaziabad RTO under Sri Rahul Srivastava; the ARTO.

Further, Ghaziabad RTO is in the process of conducting driving test for issuance of permanent driving license through Driving Test Simulator in the next six month. This vision has been conceived by present ARTO; Sri Rahul Srivastava who feels that test conducted by DT stimulator shall bring more transparency and public faith in the functioing of RTO office. He feels that after installing DT Simulator, public will have more confidence in the functioning of RTO office and it will be less time consuming. Through Driving Test Stimulator every day more driving tests of the applicants can be conducted due to less time requirements during test conducting.

However, this correspondent seen driving test conducted at “Sarthi Bhawan” campus adjudged by Sri Vindhyachal Kumar Gupta, the MVI posted at RTO, Ghaziabad for issuance of permanent driving license. In front of this correspondent, 2 applicants participated in the driving test wherein, both the learner drivers had driven the car in back direction towards within 3 side well sufficient covered area with tyres, without touching tyres through which border were made from three sides. Both the learners passed the test conducted by RTO, Ghaziabad easily. Practically it’s a very easy and simple test which can be passed by any one who has recently started driving cars even.


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