An unjustifiable action and a man’s quest for forgiveness – Sony Entertainment Television’s Kathaa Ankahee presents a unique repentance-based love story*


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New delhi : Actors Aditi Dev Sharma and Adnan Khan visit the capital city – New Delhi to speak about Kathaa Ankahee, the Hindi remake of the Turkish drama – ‘1001 Nights’ (Binbir Gece)

~ Kathaa Ankahee airs every Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television~

Delhi, February 2, 2023

Sony Entertainment Television’s Hindi remake of the superhit Turkish drama ‘1001 Nights’ (Binbir Gece), Kathaa Ankahee that premiered on 5th December beautifully showcases a love story that will be born out of repentance. Featuring Adnan Khan and Aditi Dev Sharma in the lead, the story revolves around an unforgivable wound that creates a rift between Katha and Viaan; yet keeps them bound together in a twist of fate.

Katha is a single mother bringing up a son who battles leukaemia, and she is willing to go to any extent to arrange the desired funds to save his life. After knocking every possible door for help, she is left with no option but to accept the indecent proposal to spend one night with Viaan in exchange for 1Crore. Viaan, a man conflicted because of the emotional baggage of his past, comes to realise his grievous error, and thus begins his quest for forgiveness. The show has made a remarkable impression on the audience for its authentic storytelling and powerful performances by the star cast. To celebrate the show’s success, the show’s lead actors – Aditi Dev Sharma and Adnan Abbas Khan visited New Delhi today, to share their experiences with their fans and talk about the story forward.

Speaking about portraying Katha’s character and visiting New Delhi, Aditi Dev Sharma said, “My journey on the show so far has been exceptional not only for the fast-paced storytelling but also for the realism it brings with its treatment. The fact that the viewers have laughed and cried with me, further motivates me to do better each day. Katha’s character is very close to my heart as she represents a woman of today who faces life’s challenges head on. Despite giving up her self-respect in the bid to save her son, she picks up the pieces of her shattered spirit and carries on. Even though the dark night haunts her, she continues to live her life while her conscious doesn’t allow her to forgive Viaan despite finding out about his past. Being in Delhi today is like a homecoming for me as I have spent some of the best days of my life here.”

Adnan Khan who portrays the character of Viaan said, “Viaan’s character is very unlike me, but his intense personality got me hooked from the word ‘go’. A traumatic childhood and betrayal caused by his father leads Viaan to think Katha is a gold digger. Weighed down by the emotional scars from his past, he puts her to test with an indecent proposal which when accepted by Katha leaves him shocked. But, after discovering Katha’s truth of being a single mother, Viaan is drowned in guilt making him regret his inexcusable actions. My character has many layers to him which will unfold as the story progresses starting with his quest for forgiveness. It’s very rare that you get to see the vulnerable side of a man and I am glad to be showcasing one such character on Indian television. I am extremely excited to be in ‘Dilwalon ki Dili’ as the city has a vibe of its own. I want to thank all my fans and viewers for the immense love showered on the show.”

The fact that Katha is a single mother who has been raising a son with a life-threatening illness makes Viaan drown in guilt for putting her to test while she was already going through an emotional turmoil in her personal life. This uncalled-for incident with Katha has shown him the mirror and when realization hits Viaan, his preconceived notion about women is broken and thereon begins his quest for forgiveness for his unjustifiable act. Katha is unsure of what to believe when it comes to Viaan – is he the monster who broke her spirit or a man who seems to be good at heart. How far will Viaan go to correct his inexcusable act and how will the changes from that one dark night make him a better individual?
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