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Delhi: It wasn’t just the race that saw records tumbling at the 2018 edition of the IAAF Gold Label Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. India Cares, the Philanthropy partner to the event with the perseverance of 91 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) shattered all records in their philanthropic efforts raising an astounding Rs. 16.60 crore – a 105% increase from the amount that was raised in 2017.

The citizens of Delhi showcased in abundance their ‘heart of gold’ and that impossible is nothing! Since inception, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon has now raised a total of Rs 67.16 crore towards charity.

The funds raised by the CSOs will focus on creating a positive impact for different sections of our society – children in homes and schools, youth skill development, environment protection and saving animals, special care for differently abled and health services.

For this edition, India Cares Foundation concentrated their efforts on providing support and guidance in communications and appeals to reach out to more people – this has shown results with 82% of funds coming from and through an individual asking another individual.


66 companies fielded 91 corporate cares teams and 195 individuals reached out and received contributions from 8,010 family members, friends and colleagues. Incidentally, many CSOs got the confidence to reach out to networks and individuals on their own and this has generated 61% of the total funds!

The remarkable feat by the top fundraising CSO Udayan Care, raising Rs 9.02 crore, has set new records in crowd funding, not just for ADHM, but for Marathons across the world. This amount would be in the top-5 Charities of Boston Marathon in 2018 and it is also more than all the other 90 CSOs of this edition!


Murray Culshaw, Chairperson and Founder, India Cares Foundation, statesDelhi amazes us. When we think there is no more room to push, it stretches! Our emphasis on encouraging individuals to raise funds is now well established, with 82% of contributions this year coming from individuals and raised by individuals.


A ‘thank you’ is such an inadequate word, for the impact that these funds will enable CSOs (NGOs) to bring for the betterment of our Society.  Until we find a stronger word… Thank You to every donor, fundraiser and CSO who participated in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and especially to Procam International and the sponsors for creating this platform!”

In his concluding remarks, Vivek Singh, Jt.MD Procam International, said, “Sport remarkably pushes humans to unprecedented limits. It has the ability to inspire, birth incredible stories and bring out the gold in humanity. Rs. 16.60 crores raised towards charity is a testimony to the effectiveness of ADHM as a platform and its potential to create an ever-lasting impact on society. Kudos to all the CSOs, individual fundraisers, corporates, runners and the team at India Cares for showcasing the true power of this platform. This has been a befitting closure to a glorious edition of ADHM.”


The impact of ADHM truly resonates beyond the race day. The support for numerous causes has doubled in the last 5 years through the event. Since 2014 the funds generated through ADHM have doubled and an average of 75,000 people have been aided every year – a 1:2 ratio for every runner in  ADHM!

The funds raised in 2017, have contributed towards the construction of 12 new classrooms, 10 current classrooms furnished, 350 women empowered to start earning, 1160 women empowered with self-defense training, an old age home for women constructed and 68 young adults trained in IIT and placed in companies.





Care Champions Platinum (Individuals taking on a target of Rs 10 lakh for their cause)

  • Top fundraiser: Vivek N Gour raised INR 41,60,977 in support of Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust


Care Champions Diamond (taking on a target of Rs 5 lakh for their cause)

  • Highest Fundraiser of this edition and Care Champion Diamond: Dr Nandita Chakraborty raised INR Rs 65,78,550/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.


Care Champions Gold (taking on a target of Rs 2.50 lakh for their cause.)

  • Top fundraiser: PN Narayanaswamy raised Rs 4,49,733 in support of Miracle Foundation


Care Champions Silver (taking on a target of Rs 1 lakh for their cause.)

  • Top fundraiser: Dr Geetanjali Chopra raised INR 10,02,625/- in support of Wishes and Blessings.


Youngest Care Champion

  • 15-year-old Kris Nagdev raised INR 1,96,010/- in support of Concern India Foundation

Youth Cares (Teams of 3 students aiming to raise INR 75,000 for their chosen CSO.)

  • Highest Fundraising Team: Md. Aftab Alam, Rinku Kumari & Kishan Lal raised INR 31,43,980/- in support of Lotus Petal Foundation.

Corporate Cares (Companies that contribute to chosen CSOs and also encourage their employees in contributing to and fundraising for a cause.)

  • Highest Corporate Contribution: Hero MotoCorp Ltd – INR 29,00,000/-
  • Highest Corporate Cares Fundraising Team: Fluor Indiaraised INR 6,68,889/-
  • Highest fundraising individual from a corporate cares team: Ravindra Singh from Kotak Mahindra Bank raised Rs 1,00,000/-

iCare Fundraisers (Individuals who raise funds in support of a cause)

  • Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Ranjana Mahajanraised for Sukarya – INR 5,17,200/-
  • 2nd Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser: Anil Chawla raised for Save the Children India – INR 5,04,100/-

CSOs Awards

  • Highest fundraising organisation: Udayan Care INR 9,02,35,153/-
  • 2nd Highest fundraising organisation: Lotus Petal Foundation INR 1,78, 83, 610/-
  • 3rd Highest fundraising organisation: Bharti Foundation INR 1,22,55,600/-


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