Guru Harkishan Free Langar Sewa For Covid Affected Families @ Doorstep


@ Ghaziabad Bureau
In this crucial time of Corona pandemic a group of ladies of ” kiddies kirtan sangat ” Programme and the team of Gurudwara sahib C block kavi nagar Ghaziabad is delivering free langar sewa for covid 19 affected families at their doorstep since mid of April.
Earlier it was started with limited number of thalis by group of ladies from home.
But as soon as Message circulated in the town, the requirement increased and as a result the whole programme was shifted to Gurudwara sahib and around 1100 thalis were prepared on daily basis .
Team of 20 Riders were there to deliever food all over ghaziabad city. The endeavor of sewadars didnt stand still this service only, rather they started serving lunch and dinner to needy people coming to Gurudwara sahib.

Have a look of video and see how sewadars are serving for humanity


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