Rashtravadi Vikas Party & Swabhiman Party united for UP elections and formed Rashtravadi Morcha


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

There is a power in unity and when two hard working people came together, no one can beat them said Dr. Anoop K.Srivastava the Founder president of the Rashtravadi Vikas Party (RVP), he said, due to lack of strong opposition in center, the government has started doing its arbitrariness. So together(Rashtravadi Vikas Party & Swabhiman Party) we have prepared to bring a new power. The country is getting confused at this time, it is very important to take it in one direction. We want to take all religions and castes together and we raise our voice against the political organizations that spoil the atmosphere of entire India by playing with religion and casteism, mutual brotherhood, love and the prestige of the country.On this occasion A. C. Bhatnagar, President (RVP), Brigadier  Anil Srivastava, National General Secretary, (RVP), Virendra Pandey, Founder President Swabhiman Party, Former Chairman Finance Commission Chhattisgarh, Former MLA/Minister, Rajneesh Jha, General Secretary National Youth Party, Kiran Shrivastava, President Mahila Morcha, Brigadier Pradeep Srivastava, President UP, Swami Dr. Abhijit 1008 Mahamandaleshwar, Convenor UP, Dr. Prem Prakash , IRTS (Retd) Convenor UP and Satish Tripathi, General Secretary, Swabhiman Party & Narendra Sharma, National Vice President, Former MLA Chhattisgarh were present there.Brigadier Anil Srivastava said that as soon as the RNP government is formed, all the loans taken by the farmers for agricultural work in the past would be waived off. To promote sugarcane production, all the closed sugar mills will be started again under the supervision of the government, which will give employment to the people, Along with this, we have made many schemes in the field of education such as free education from class one to post graduation, hostel, dress, education material and nutritious food, it will also be our endeavor to provide employment education.Party president A. C. Bhatnagar said that we want to develop villages along with cities, for which we provide 400 units per month electricity free, 24 hours electricity, roads, hospital in the village and Rs. 10 lakh free treatment even in non-government hospitals, women’s safety, fixed deposit of Rs 25000 on the birth of a girl child, Under the “Nationalist Kanyadan Yojana” at the time of marriage, Rs. 1,00,000 grant money, free travel in state transport buses to students, women and senior citizens, 50% grant money to women on purchase of scooty.Vijendra Shrivastava said that the objective of our party is mutual brotherhood, employment to the youth of the country, education to every poor student, better health and it is our duty to bring a simple tax system for every businessmen who are shutting down business under the burden of tax and drowning in debt. If industries will not survive, what will happen to the country? The increasing plight of the country’s workers and farmers and even committing suicide is a matter of great concern


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