New Song “Paisa” Launched in Delhi from the movie Jaggu Ki Lalten


Afak Khan | Correspondent

Recently, Actress Namrata Malla, Neeraj Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav came to Delhi for the launch of new song – Paisa. Along with then Aakriti Bharta and Viren Dang was also at the event. The movie Jaggu ki Lalten is produced by Preeti Gupta and Directed by Vipin Kapoor.

Actor Raghuvir Shared,” I am playing the character who owns a tea stall in the mountains and is facing issue in running the tea stall. However when we talk about the importance of Lalten in the movie, then it is the emotions and sentiments which are associated with the lalten in the movie which makes it so special.”

The song Paisa stars actress Namrata Malla and choreographed by Sooraj Katooch from Zenith Dance academy.


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