Sarna Slams Bhagwant Mann’s Proposal on Sikh Gurdwara Act Amendments as Bogus, Dry Run To Insert Sehajdharis In Sikh Religious Sphere


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

NEW DELHI— In response to Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s proposal to bring amendments to the 1925 Sikh Gurdwara Act, Paramjit Singh Sarna, the Delhi Akali chief, strongly criticised the announcement, terming it bogus and an attempt to assert control in the Sikh religious domain.

Sarna highlighted the inappropriateness of such amendments being made in the state assembly via a bogus resolution, emphasizing that amendments to the Sikh Gurdwara Act can only be made in the national parliament.

Sarna stated, “Mann’s claim of bringing amendments to the Sikh Gurdwara Act in the state assembly is completely bogus. Such amendments fall under the jurisdiction of the national parliament, and it is highly inappropriate for the state assembly to consider such proposals even for a resolution. This only serves to mislead Punjabis and turn one against the other.”

Furthermore, Sarna asserted that Mann’s proposal reflects an alarming intention to exert control over the Sikh religious domain, a move that the Panth will not accept.

“This is an obvious attempt to assert authority over the sacred Sikh institutions, and it is simply unacceptable to the Sikh community. The management and affairs of our gurdwaras must remain under the purview of the Sikh Panth, guided by established principles and practices,” Sarna emphasised.

Expressing concern about the potential consequences of Mann’s proposal, Sarna warned against a dangerous dry run aimed at eventually inserting Sehajdharis in the SGPC management. Sarna asserted, “We must be cautious about the underlying motive behind Mann’s actions. His proposal appears to be a dangerous step towards paving the way for Sehajdharis to take control of the SGPC management. This would have grave implications for the integrity and religious sanctity of our gurdwaras.”

In a direct message to Bhagwant Mann, Sarna suggested that if he is genuinely concerned about the teachings of Sikhi, he should consider stepping down from his position and allowing an Amratdhari Sikh to become Punjab’s Chief Minister. Sarna stated, “If Mann truly cares about the preachings of Sikhi, I urge him to resign from his post and pave the way for an Amratdhari Sikh to become Punjab’s Chief Minister. This would demonstrate his commitment to upholding the principles of our faith and ensure the appropriate representation of the Sikh community.”

Sarna concluded by urging Mann to focus his efforts on bringing a resolution that mandates only Amritdhari Sikhs to qualify as Chief Ministers of Punjab. “Rather than attempting to amend the Sikh Gurdwara Act in the wrong forum, I call upon Mann to bring a resolution that ensures only Amritdhari Sikhs are eligible to hold the position of Chief Minister in Punjab. This would be a step in the right direction towards preserving the sanctity of our institutions and upholding the true spirit of Sikhi.”


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