ODHNI Opens Bandhani Creations, its First Dedicated Handloom section


@ Vikas Sharma I Sr. Jounalist

New Delhi: ODHNI, a leading ethnic wear brand based in Delhi, has recently
inaugurated its first-ever handloom clothing section called Bandhani Creations. Located in the posh market of Kohat Enclave, ODHNI store will now offer an extensive range of sarees, lehengas, suits, and gowns in a variety of Indian handlooms such as cotton, ikkat, khadi, patola, kanjivaram, dharamvram pattu, valkalam, opada, pethani silk, etc. The shoppers can simply explore the world of hand-woven ethnic wear, buy any of their choice, and get custom-altering for their dress.

Bandhani Creations has two sub-sections—one for cotton silk and the other for pure silk. For the cotton silk ethnic dresses, the range starts from INR 5000 whereas the pure silk section comprises the staples starting from INR 10,000. Nowadays, fashion-forward women are on the look-out for handspun clothes and hand-woven embroidery that makes are not only comfortable but also as beautiful as Indian culture of handlooms. Founded in 1999 with an aim to delight women with their unique choices of clothes and attire, ODHNI launched Bandhani Creations to fulfil women’s desire to don the 100-year-old legacy of Indian handlooms with an irresistible range of ethnic wear designed from handloom fabrics.

According to Puneet Jain, Director of ODHNI, “The handloom plays an undeniably pivotal role in maintaining the sustainable growth of India, especially villages because handloom sector provides employment to over lakhs of men and women. There’s a pool of great artists and craftsmen whose talent goes unidentified and unappreciated. With this new section dedicated to handlooms, we will be providing the world with easy access to impeccable artistry. As ODHNI is all about individuality, the handloom unit is launched to make individuals identify that uniqueness depends upon the work only.”


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