When to meet oncologist for Cancer Detection : Workshop By G.S Cancer Research Institute


@ National Bureau

A Workshop on Oral Cancer and ‘When to meet oncologist for cancer detection’ was organized under the supervision of Dr. Gagan Khera along with G. S. Cancer Research Institute Pilkhua Hapur and Shri Banke Bihari Dental College and Research Center Ghaziabad. The program started with lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana. The Principal of Shri Banke Bihari Dental College and Research Center conveyed his message to the people. Later, Dr. Naman Utreja (Radiation Oncologist) explained the damage caused to the mouth, throat, jaw and teeth due to oral cancer and the process of removing the cancerous part and the cancer itself. Gave information to stop it from increasing. Dr. Utreja said that If detected early it’s curable at the right time, cancer can not only be prevented but can also be eradicated with effective treatment. But to fight the battle against cancer, first of all it is very important for us to know when to go to the oncologist so that we can identify the cancer in its first stage.Mr. Manoj Shisodia, Deputy Director of Medical College and Hospital Pilkhua Hapur. The hospital has been successful in providing effective and prompt treatment to all types of patients for a long time, now G.S. Cancer Research Institute has been equipped with all kinds of facilities for the patients suffering from cancer, we are confident that all the patients nearby will get affordable, quick and effective treatment in their area through Ayushman Bharat, ESI, ECHS & all other TPA. Will be able to get on the panel, to get the treatment for which the patient had to go to big cities like Delhi, in the program Dean Dr. Sunnada Roy Choudhary and Dr. Shorabh Juneja HOD Oral Pathology, Dr. Amit Badhawan HOD Periodontics, Dr. Upasana Sethi HOD OMRD, Dr. Manvi HOD Pedodontics, Dr. Anubhav HOD PhD Department and all faculty, post graduate students and interns, were also present.


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