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Uttar Pradesh: Now all health units in UP will provide free vaccination to prevent Rubella and German Measles(rubella). Till now, only vaccine for Measles was being administered to the children. This vaccine has been prepared by mixing measles i.e. with measles vaccine.

For vaccination of Measles, M-9 is due on 9 the months and M-2 vaccine on 16 months. The vaccine that has been found in the first Measles vaccine will also be brought back to the vaccine. Which means that the immunity of children can be developed to prevent from Measles including Rubella; commonly kmein as German Khasra.

Rubella is normally spread to one person to another by coughing or sneezing by any person. How this disease spreads rapidly in the air. Its virus spreads only to humans. Rubella is a rapidly spreading in the socity, which causes pregnant women to have a miscarriage. By the way, there is a slight fever and rash from Rubella, but if pregnant women have this disease, then the baby may be born ill. This condition is called Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRR). In such a child, it is illuminated by ears and eyes or weak in the brain. In many children it can also cause diabetes and all of them have to take medicines throughout the entire life of an affected person.

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The fear of spreading this disease is highest in our countr y where there is less resistance to children and women because they do not have proper immunization covering complete all vaccination.

Even now, around 38 thousand children in India die every year due to the causes associated with Measles. Children with Measles have least immune system and they often suffer from diseases like Diarrhoea and Pneumonia. These children are usually less than five years old.

Our cooperation will spread awareness of this and children can be protected from these diseases, so do not resist for this vaccination to your ward, but you must cooperate to save the lives of our children. We will share our participation in giving healthy future to the nation through future of India, the present children.


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