Due To Railway’s Negligence, Passenger dies In Kaveri Express, No Medical Attention Given

 Railway passenger expired in railway coach due to lack of railway medical help. Parents alleged negligence of Railway management   


Pramod Sharma | Sr. Correspondent/Desk

Nagpur: It is very shocking news reported from Nagpur Railway station where a railway passenger expired in railway coach due to lack of railway medical help. Parents alleged negligence of Railway management.

If you are traveling in Indian Railways then be careful as you won’t be getting medical assistance in spite of many requests. So be alert during travelling trains help your self.

Now onwards take care of your body and your belongings when you are travelling in railways, as railway never cares about its passengers and so it’s officials who never consider such request from passengers on board. So practically, the services of Indian railways has become so low in terms of basic amenities like medical care to the passengers so much so the passenger dies of medical assistance on board.

The latest incident happened at Nagpur railway station in Maharashtra where a on dated 18th June, 2019 passenger; Sharad Jaiswal who lost his life for want of medical assistance on board in a train from Prayagraj to Nagpur in Ganga Kaveri Express.

Deceased Sharad Jaiswal profile photo

According to the information received by this correspondent of A News Of India; Sharad Jaiswal who had boarded the said train from Prayagraj for Nagpur and was traveling in B-1 coach of 3rd AC. The 35-year-old Sharad Jaiswal was not feeling well and his health condition deteriorated at Jabalpur so he requested coach conductor about his health and asked for medical assistance. The railway helpline was also called and requested for medical help. Also, the TTE and other railway employees were also requested to provide medical assistance after describing about passenger’s health. It is also alleged that no railway officials had ever taken notice of the passenger’s requests and no medical attention was given nor any medical services was extended to Sharad Jayaswal.

Even at the Itarsi railway station, the passenger was not treated. A co-passenger called his friend and family of Nagpur and informed about the incidence. When the Ganga-Kaveri Express reached Nagpur station, the body of Sharad Jaiswal was had already collapsed. Soon after, Sharad’s friends immediately took him to a private hospital in Nagpur where he was declared brought dead. According to the relatives of the deceased passenger, if the railway administration would have been arranged medical care and due treatment in Itarsi, he would not have died. He said that it was the negligence of railway part.
Nagpur Railway Assistant Commercial Manager; SG Rao said, “during Jabalpur-Itarsi, there was a report of deteriorating the health of a passenger Mr Jaiswal. This is a serious matter and the information has been given to senior officials of the zone.”


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