18 Years Old Guy Who Jumped Into Waterlogged To Save Another Child Drowns in Ghaziabad Underpass


@ Ashok Yadav | Editor; Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Due to heavy rains in NCR since Friday morning, water was flooded everywhere.  A painful accident also occurred in Ghaziabad due to rain.  Due to rain, a young man died due to drowning in Gaushala underpass of Ghaziabad.

 An 18-year-old youth has died after drowning in rain-fed water in the Gaushala underpass.  SHO Vijayanagar Devendra Bisht has confirmed the death.  Police say that rain water was flooded in underpass.  The young man jumped inside the underpass to save the child drowning in water but could not handle himself due to going into deep water.  Due to which the young man died. Police is Still trying to trace out the family of him.

 According to people, 10-year-old unidentified boy got into the water to take a bath.  Seeing him drowning, Gullu, a resident of Kaila kheda got down into the water.  When the noise was made, Gulfam and Asif descended into the water and the first 10-year-old boy was found out.  But unfortunately Gullu couldn’t come out side from water.  After two hours of hard work Gullu’s body was found.

This is not the first move by filling rainwater in the Gaushala underpass.  There have been many accidents before also.  Despite this,  no direction indicator is placed outside the underpass.




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