Anand Seva Samiti celebrated 51 newborn girl birth celebrations in the form of Hindu-Muslim unity.


@ Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Anand Seva Samiti near Moti Masjid in Shaheed Nagar Nagar, Sahibabad area 51 newborn girls were given clothes as gifts and sweets to mothers. The celebration of the birth anniversary of the girl was celebrated by feeding sweets to the community. In this period, the example of Hindu-Muslim unity was also seen by the committee. On the first day of Navratri, the birth anniversary of Muslim girls as well as newborn girls of other religions was celebrated in the Muslim-dominated area.

The committee president also celebrated the birthday of Muslim girls together on the first day of Navratri and gave a message to strengthen national unity. He also fully realized the slogan of Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai. The program was organized in Sahibabad assembly constituency Shabana Khan and her husband Rahimuddin Khan welcomed on behalf of Chairman of Shabana Khan by wearing flower garlands to the committee president Mamta Singh and other guests.

The aim of the committee is to create awareness about girls in the society and the people of the society should It is to send a message that he should not think of any discrimination between son and daughter, just like sons, love daughters as much and take full care of their education. Committee chairman Mamta Singh said that her aim is to make people of society aware of girls. Even today some people in the society are not happy with the birth of daughters, but in the society, everyone should not make any difference between son and daughter, all is due to God and every parent should take responsibility for the safety and upbringing of all.

The committee will endeavor to provide benefits of welfare schemes being run by the government for the employment of women, and every effort will be made to provide employment to them even at their level, during this, Shabana Khan’s husband Rahimuddin Khan and Mushir Ahmed Rekha Rai Kanchan Singh Farah Khan Anjum Khan etc. welcomed Chief Guest Mamta Singh


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