‘Bio Liquors’ Launched by African Beverage


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

African Beverage Launch of “Bio Liquors” was conducted on December 21st 2020. Giving the impetus to the growing possibilities between India and Africa, the “Smarami Bio Beverages Ltd.” Jointly with “India Economic Trade Organization” organized this launch in Delhi by various circles of socialites, diplomats, Business Owners and Industrialists.

The event was held on the occasion of “International Human Solidarity Day” and focused on the fundamental and universal values that should underline relations between people from around the world in the 21st century. The objective of the celebration centered to accelerate the bilateral relations and promote human and social development along in Africa and aimed to celebrate unity in diversity and build up more robust Africa India ties.

The overall development aspect was discussed during the “Bio Liquor” launch and how this is the right time to reshape this relation as we move ahead to a different scenario which has more to offer for our two sub continents and the collaboration between these two historic partners would result in a powerful association of tomorrow.

The guests tasted, appraised the product and shared their views on we are combining the India skill-set and natural resources to bring Value Added Services to the market.

Mr. Tulsi Gopal and Dr. Amarnath mentioned in their speech that the relationship is deeply rooted between these two nations and have shared common values including the respect for the sovereignty for each other and cultural diversities and how we can promote sustainable prosperity economically through mutual linkages across all spectrums.

It was also added how Big Joint Ventures and Enterprises from India will connect with Africa and multiply manifold. It is very likely to see the future in India Africa term, with already existing strong relations and working on the voids the coming days will witness the Indo-Afro story much robustly.


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