University Professors’ counter Open Letter to PM Modi against American Lobby Groups’ Colonial Era Tactics


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: A group of over one hundred professors mostly from Delhi university have written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi countering an open letter written by forty lawyers in the US to President Joe Biden terming the tactics as motivated by a colonial mindset keen on maintaining western superiority in the world order and an attempt to discourage development and growth policies in India.

The letter on petitioning website references the open letter written by a group of forty lawyers in the United States of America in opposition to the recently passed farm laws in India which was published in the newspaper the Wire. The letter terms the tactics of the Modi government in response to the farmer’s protest against the laws as ‘repressive’ and asks the Biden administration to take note of methods taken by the Indian Government.

In response, the group of professors and educators from the Delhi University and some from other parts of India and even beyond the country, have called out the group making the claims as motivated by colonial interest lobbies keen in keeping India underdeveloped and preventing any progressive developments in the country. They also term the group’s claims as hypocritical pointing out that their very own country, United States has similar farm laws allowing the farmers in their country to become prosperous whilst they oppose the same reforms in India.

The letter, in addition, urges the Prime Minister not to deviate from long awaited reforms in sectors wherein people are not being proportionately benefitted according to the growth of the country. The strong counter by a group of intellectuals from prestigious and reputed institutions in the country sends a strong message to external forces keen on interfering in internal matters in the country, particularly through the use of inflammatory rhetoric without backed by evidences. Several comments on the petition have also supported the call to immediately counter the western mindset of western nations in the name of intellectual superiority. The petition signed by Rakesh Pandey, Santosh Dubey along with many Delhi University professors.


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