IIT Madras-incubated Startup GUVI collaborates with AICTE to upskill 10 lakh Indians in a One-day Free Workshop

Aimed at setting a World record, ‘AI-For-India 1.0’ is an online coding event and is open for students, IT & Non-IT professionals and anyone between 8 to 80 years


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Delhi : IIT Madras-incubated startup GUVIis collaborating with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to upskill 10 lakh Indians in coding through a one-day free workshop called ‘AI-For-India 1.0.’ This event is expected to set the World Record for the largest coding workshop conducted online.

Targeted towards students, IT professionals, and anyone in the age group of 8 to 80 years interested in coding, the event is scheduled to be conducted on 24th April 2021. Registrations have already begun and can be done on the GUVI’s AI-for-India website:https://www.guvi.in/AI-for-India?ref=aicte

GUVI being known for offering technology courses in Vernacular languages, does the AI skilling in 4 languages namely English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, on the day of event. Learners can upskill based on their preferred language of choice.

This initiative, being taken up in memory of GUVI’s Co-founder Ms. SrideviArun Prakash, is part of the startup’s mission to provide training in Artificial Intelligence to One billion Indians and make India – the leader in the Artificial Intelligence field.

Highlighting the objectives behind this initiative, Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar, Chief Coordinating Officer, AICTE, Ministry of Education, Government of India, who launched the initiative during a recent event, said,“The Ministry of Education and AICTE want to give the best education and skills to all Indian students, as well as faculty andinstitutes. We have come up with an initiative along with GUVI that got selected for NEAT(National Education Alliance for Technology) to upskill 10 lakh students in Artificial Intelligence. Our collaboration will surely set a World Record.”

In this workshop, participants can learn to build a face recognition app using Python from industry experts. This online coding workshop is expected to draw the participation of people from various backgrounds. All the participants will gain free access to GUVI’s Python course that helps them understand the concepts of the Python programming language. Further, world record event participation certificates and unlimited access to ‘CodeKata,’ a Coding skill-building platform, will be offered to all the participants.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Kumar Vembu, Founder and CEO of GoFrugal Technologies, said, “Automation freed us from lots of manual labor. The AI revolution will free us from data-driven and rule-based decisions. I congratulate GUVI on its effort to expose so many people to Artificial Intelligence and its potential. Once these people get started with AI, I am sure a significant percentage of them will invest more time and effort to become an expert. This initiative will not only help create a large talent pool for the industry but could also result in creating AI entrepreneurs. I wish GUVI and all the participants a huge success.”

Further, Mr. S.P. Balamurugan, Co-Founder and CEO, GUVI, said, “This AI initiative is bound to spur all the aspiring youth, professionals & common man to develop their technological skills further developing our nation with innovative ideas that go hand-in-hand with the innovation objective of GUVI”

Highlighting the goals of this landmark initiative, Mr. Arun Prakash, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, GUVI, said, “Through every age, the world experiences different revolutions. Currently, we are at the brink of the coding or AI revolution. You do not need to be a developer but you need to understand what is happening. You need to be well-informed on what your data means to you and what it means to others so you can make informed decisions without depending on the opinion of others.”

This grand online event, Ai-for-India 1.0 is just the beginning step of a Progressive Coding Revolution, which will be held on 24th April 2021. GUVI invites every Indian to join hands in making this online event a Great Success by registering to AI-For-India 1.0 that sets the World Record with the maximum number of participants.

About AICTE :

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a national-level apex advisory body that monitors facilities available for technical education in the country and promotes their development in a coordinated and integrated manner. The purview of AICTE (Council) covers programmes of technical education including training and research in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Town Planning, Management, Pharmacy, Applied Arts and Crafts, Hotel Management and Catering Technology etc. at different levels.


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