WICCI Delhi state Food and Nutrition Council conduct their inaugural webinar on “ International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2021


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Delhi: A webinar was organised by Women’s India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) Delhi state with Lion Veg Delhi in collaboration with National Food and Nutrition Council on ‘International Yoga Day’ The inaugural address was by Ms Shikha Sharma , Mr Gaurav Gupta and Dr Harbeen Arora, founder president of WICCI. The webinar was organised with a view to enlighten participants on making healthy choices and creating awareness about the benefits of yoga in our daily lives.

Ms Poonam Duneja, President of Delhi State Food and Nutrition Council WICCI welcomed the participants by saying yoga is the ancient legacy of India and how yoga leads to the Union of individual consciousness with that of source to create a perfect harmony of mind, body and soul ! Poonam also emphasized on the importance of doing yoga for improving digestion , strength, stamina and flexibility and to promote as good benefits as fat loss. It was followed by an address by Ms Shikha Sharma, National president WICCI Food and Nutrition Council. She congratulated Delhi State council for their inaugural event and gave her warm wishes ! Mr Gaurav Gupta, President of Lions Club Delhi Veg also contributed by adding the importance of breathing with increased immunity , healthy recovery and prevention of other attributes of the Covid 19 pandemic. The guest speaker Ms Neetu Wason , founder of Yogatrition, spoke about how one can incorporate breathing and simple yoga mudras to make their lives better with the concept of healthy living . Neetu maintains that a proper diet and good lifestyle can help one get rid of diseases and medicines by adding yoga as a form of daily ritual. Lt Col Ex Army Dr LC Verma gave congratulatory message to Ms Poonam Duneja with his kind words and adding that these events create mass awareness of our ancient treasures Mr Jitender Chawla , founder of SMEBIZZ also proposed to address the need of the hour with more such meets as health is the biggest priority in the life today ! Ms Anju Handa , founder of SHEconnects also emphasized the multiple benefits of yoga . Also associated with this webinar were Nutrifybypoonam Diet and wellness Clinic , Food Guruz , Capital1 webTV co editor Ms Simran Nagpal who helped in planning of the inaugural address in the webinar !


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