An Evening With Algerian Ambassador to India Hamza Yahia Cherif


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

It was an evening of good food, excellent wine and nostalgic adieu to Hamza Yahia Cherif, Algerian ambassador to India. The Ambassador was welcomed with fresh flowers and warm words. The attendees expressed how they will miss having the departing ambassador’s cheerful personality around.

Reflecting on his six years in India, Cherif Said, “ It’s sad that I have to go near Diwali. We have been celebrating all the festivals with such fervor in India since so many years. India always felt like home. I travelled from Kashmir to Kerala, but didn’t get a chance to see the northeast, so I will come back very soon to do that.”

“Integrating and  Involving these intriguing individuals internationally is fabulous till it’s time to bid farewell to the Ambassador and welcome the replacing Excellency   Public Diplomacy at its best” Added Sanjana Jon

Among those present at the dinner included Ratan Kaul, Diplomacy Forum, Designer Sanjana Jon, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic Hugo Javier Global, Ambassador of Hungary Andras Laszlo Kiraly along with wife Orsolya Bernat, Ambassador of Paraguay Fleming Duarte and Ambassador of Malawai Juliana Somba Banda.


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