GovTech is an opportunity to serve over a billion citizens of India


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

GovTech is a multi-billion opportunity to serve over a billion population of India. Globally, GovTech is defined as the technology used by governments for improving internal efficiency and/or delivery of services, as well as interacting externally with citizens and businesses. In simple words it may be defined as use of IT in Government Service Delivery which may vary from G2G, G2B or G2C services. Based on the above principal theme, GovTech India Summit was organized under the aegis of EasyGov, a pioneer GovTech venture. The Summit brings into the fore the understanding objectives of any government expenditure on technology. The objectives in essence are to put people first and to design and deliver services/ benefits that are accessible, affordable, and inclusive.

While delivering his keynote address, the Guest of Honour, Shri Amitabh Kant said, “The whole process of digitization is a transformational journey.” He added that, “All the Government Regulations should be light-touch regulations. The Government job should be only public policy which is predictable for 2-3 decades.”

According to Amit Shukla, MD & Founder, EasyGov, “GovTech is not about the start-ups having government clients. Indian start-ups are doing extremely well in FinTech, EduTech, eCommerce, HealthTech, DeepTech, Agritech, etc. However, GovTech is a challenging area for start-ups in India and it is reflected in the fact that there are very few GovTech start-ups in the country. Globally, the GovTech consist of Financial Inclusion and Welfare (Social Protection) Citizen Engagement, Smart Cities, Justice and Legal, Energy and Utilities, Culture and Tourism, Tax and Regulations.”


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