Electrifying India with Affordable Passenger Mobility Solutions: Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) launches its 1st Urban Passenger Electric Three Wheelers Range “OSM Stream City” Starting at INR 1.85 lakhs

Company expands its offerings in electric passenger vehicle segment, now covering its array of electric passenger mobility in both rural as well as urban areas


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New Delhi: Omega Seiki Mobility, a member of 5-decade old Anglian Omega Group, today launched their New Electric Urban Passenger Vehicles- OSM Stream City, game changing passenger electric three wheelers that is set to revolutionize urban mobility in India. The Company has today launched two variants of OSM Stream City- OSM Stream City ATR which comes with Swappable battery is priced at INR 1.85 Lakhs (ex-showroom) and Stream City 8.5 which comes with fixed battery priced at INR 3.01 Lakhs (ex-showroom). The company broadens its selection of electric passenger mobility options, now including options for both setting: Rural- OSM Stream and Urban- OSM Stream ATR and OSM Stream 8.5.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility said, “Continuous innovation has always been a priority for OSM, and the company works to maintain its product range one step ahead of the competition. While we started with cargo vehicles this launch is in line with our strategy of providing a complete 3W solution covering both cargo as well as passenger segments. This year, our emphasise mobility are Passenger Vehicles and The OSM Stream City is a result of Omega Seiki Mobility strong commitment towards the same. OSM has increased its production five times and have plans to sell over 10,000 electric 3Ws in FY24.
Omega Seiki Mobility Stream City range will empower E-Rickshaw drivers in India with unparalleled opportunities to cater to a larger customer base, consequently enabling them to optimize their earnings potential. The electric vehicles are cutting-edge green solutions for last-mile transportation with the greatest possible financial outlook for owners and drivers. A 15–20% increase in earning potential will be offered by the electric passenger three-wheeler, ensuring more earnings and larger savings.”
At Omega Seiki Mobility, our mission is to shape a future where mobility transcends efficiency and becomes a beacon of environmental responsibility. With the introduction of the OSM Stream City, we embark on a journey to redefine urban transportation, presenting an irresistible solution to the commuting challenges encountered by people across India. Guided by our unwavering commitment

to innovation, sustainability, and a customer-centric approach, we dare to push the boundaries of the mobility landscape, unravelling new possibilities and transforming the way we move.”
The new OSM Stream City ATR offers a zero-emission driving experience with little noise and vibration, ushering in the next wave of last-mile mobility for urban India. It is a one-of-a-kind offering with several class-leading characteristics. It has a cutting-edge Li-ion battery, an Manual Boost gearbox, and greater power and torque. The concept of swappable battery is being introduced in association with Sun Mobility. Sun-Mobility will provide a quick interchange station network so that OSM Customers can swap and go in a matter of minutes. Customers can experience an app-enabled eco- system for checking battery charge, recharging, finding swap stations etc. Omega Seiki Mobility is proud to contribute to the vision of a greener and smarter city, providing a solution that combines environmental consciousness, innovation, and a commitment to improving the quality of urban transportation.
The OSM Stream City 8.5 fixed battery variant is designed to meet the diverse needs of urban commuters in India. The vehicle offers a range of 117 kilometres on a single charge and a charging time of just 4 hours, this innovative E3V is powered by an 8.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, ensuring both efficiency and convenience for urban commuters. With its sleek and modern aesthetics, and spacious D + 3 seating for passengers, the OSM Stream City offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Equipped with advanced safety features like drum brakes, 4.50 x 10 low rolling resistance tyres and smart connectivity options, passengers can experience a seamless journey while staying connected to their digital lives. The OSM Stream City not only provides exceptional benefits for passengers but also opens up a highly lucrative and compelling opportunity for E-Rickshaw drivers in India.
Vehicle Category
Seating Capacity Battery Type, Voltage Battery Capacity Peak Power Peak Torque Transmission Type Front
Tyre Wheelbase Overall Width
3+1 Lithium-ion, 48V
8.5 kWh
9.55 kW
430 Nm
Manual Boost Dampner + Helical Spring Rubber Dampner + Shocker Drum
4.5-10 8PR
1940 mm
1320 mm
Swappable Lithium-ion, 48V 6.3 kWh
9.55 kW
430 Nm
Manual Boost Dampner + Helical Spring Rubber Dampner + Shocker Drum
4.5-10 8PR
1940 mm
1320 mm

Overall Length
Overall Height Minimum Ground Clearance
Gross Vehicle Weight Vehicle Kerb Weight Top Speed
Typical Driving Range (On
Road) Gradeability Roof Type Home Charging Charge Duration
2800 mm 1802 mm 175 mm
950 kg
451 kg 48 kmph 117 km
16% Soft Yes
4 hours
2800 mm 1802 mm 175 mm
950 kg
451 kg 48 kmph 80 km
16% Soft NA NA
Key Highlights of OSM Stream City: –
Cutting-Edge Autonomy: With its complete embrace of fully autonomous mode, this remarkable automotive innovation is set to revolutionize the concept of safe and convenient transportation. Optimal Seating Configuration: Embracing an exquisite seating capacity of 3 + 1, the OSM Stream City indulges its passengers in an environment of spatial opulence.
Lithium-ion Battery Brilliance: The OSM Stream City is equipped with an astute lithium-ion battery system, harnessing the potential of 48V power supply and an impressive capacity of 8.5 kWh and 6.3 kWh for Swappable battery.
Dynamic Power and Torque Prowess: Unleashing its formidable prowess, the Stream City resonates with a peak power output of 9.55 kW, complemented by a peak torque of 430 Nm.
Effortless Automation: The OSM Stream City stands tall with its state of art automatic transmission, seamlessly choreographing the symphony of gear for an effortless driving experience.
Suspension System Sophistication: Meticulously designed to prioritize occupant comfort, the OSM Stream City’s front suspension embraces a symphony of dampeners and helical springs, while the rear suspension gracefully harmonizes rubber dampeners with shock absorbers.
Ingenious Charging Convenience: The OSM Stream City integrates a home charging infrastructure, unfurling unparalleled convenience to its discerning owners. In case of swappable battery one can easily exchange a depleted battery with a fully charged one, eliminating the need for charging infrastructure and reducing downtime.
Omega Seiki Mobility’s vision for India’s future lies in the rise of electric mobility applications across all categories. Currently, OSM hosts a Pan-India network of 175 plus dealerships and is aggressively expanding at the pace of one dealer per week. The company is one of the few firms in the market that uses backward integration to manufacture products in the country. In order to connect automobiles and society, Omega Seiki Mobility’s goal is to eventually establish a clean environment with environmentally sustainable, secure, and congested-free transportation. One of India’s top incubators for clean energy, OSM has come to represent India’s success in sustainability. By utilizing data-driven, smart engineering, the electric vehicle manufacturing company seeks to advance future mobility with green energy at its foundation.

For vehicle retail finance Omega Seiki Mobility has partnered with various banks such as Indian Bank, Union Bank, IDFC, Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank, Shriram Transport etc. & NBFCs.


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