Drunkers murdered 17-year-old boy after misdeed, body thrown into canal, three accused arrested



Sudama Pal @Associate Editor

Ghaziabad. In Muradnagar area, a 17-year-old Divyang teenager was strangulated to death after misdeeds. Three friends had thrown his dead body in Ganga Nahar and then to mislead everyone, they made noise about his drowning while taking bath in Ganga Nahar. While arresting the three murderers, the police have recovered the body from Gangnahar on their tip.

A 17-year-old Divyang teenager living in Kashiram Colony of Madhuban Bapudham police station area went missing on 10 April. Three boys living in Kashiram Colony took him to Muradnagar Ganga Nahar on the pretext of taking bath. While taking a bath at Ganga Nahar, the three boys made noise that one of their friends had drowned. Private divers searched, but nothing could be found. On April 13, the victim’s father lodged a report at the police station Madhuban Bapudham, fearing the kidnapping and murder of his son.

DCP Nipun Aggarwal said that when the police interrogated Bharat (38), Shivam Aggarwal (22) and Mahesh (23) of Kanshiram Colony in custody in this case, they confessed to killing the teenager.

These three accused told that on April 10, all three had consumed alcohol. After this, when he saw Kishore standing on the road, on the pretext of taking a bath, he took him to the jungles on the banks of Muradnagar Ganganhar via Noorpur. There he misbehaved with her. This worsened the condition of the victim.

Due to the fear of being caught, the accused killed the teenager by strangling his neck and threw the dead body in Ganga Nahar. The police have recovered the dead body from Nahal Jhal at the instance of the three accused.


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