‘Wishes and Blessings’ launches Operation Milijuli for Assam Flood victims


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi‘Wishes and Blessings’, a Delhi- based non-profit organisation, has extended a helping hand to the lakhs of flood victims in Assam by launching “Operation Milijuli”which is aimed at distributing survival material to the needy. So far, the flood hasaffected 30 out of 33 districts in Assam, affectedaround 54 lakh people and taken 68human lives. Operation Milijuli will be launched in three districts — Dhemaji, Morigaon and Kamrup — that have a population of around 32 lakh and the help will reach out to maximum people with ration for survival and things of basic need including shelter material. In this endeavour, Assamese news channel Prag News is working with Wishes and Blessings to ensure timely and effective distribution of relief material.

The non-profit organisation is also calling out to other people in the country to contribute towards the cause. The donations will be utilised to procure more supplies for the needy. “We want everyone to stand up and extend help in this time of crisis for the people of Assam. The tragedy is enormous and needs immediate attention of the society also,” says Dr Geetanjali Chopra, founder, Wishes and Blessings.

The organisation is distributing food supplies (dry ration, instant food, cooking oil, sugar and salt, mineral water), shelter supplies (tent, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, blankets, solar torches), and survival supplies (water purifying tablets, ORS and glucose, sanitary napkins, and OTC medicines).There were many logistical issues and constraints while transporting the relief items directly from Delhi to Guwahati in the beginning. To address this problem, Wishes and Blessings is switching to a smarter way of transferring goods, i.e., through e-commerce. Now, the NGO is sending goods via Amazon to expedite the relief operation. “We realise that the cost of some of the goods is more than the market rates. However, the overhead cost of transporting the goods is more than INR 70,000 and overall turns out to be much more expensive. All items purchased through the wishlist will reach Guwahati directly and will be dispersed by our distribution partner- Prag News,” says Dr Geetanjali Chopra.

The scale of destruction in the state calls for concerted efforts by the government and the concerned citizens. “In these testing times, we have to act as a nation and show the strength of togetherness. Concept of ‘giving’ goes a long way in creating a harmonious environment that is beneficial for the growth of the country. We have to feel the pain of people who lost their relatives, valuables, and have dampened spirits. These are the people who needthe support of the community to come out strong,” says Dr Chopra.

“Wishes and Blessings takes personal responsibility in ensuring the timely and just distribution of aid to the victims of the floods. The process will be documented and pictures will be shared.


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