One 11 Online Fantasy Sports Private Limited Launches its Cricket App for Gaming


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi. One 11 Online Fantasy Sports Private Limited launches its cricket app for gaming at The Grand in New Delhi. On this occasion, Director of One 11 Online Sports Nidhi Sharma said that cricket connects people, brings different religions, sects, culture and countries closer. It is more than sports, not sports. The company’s directors Nidhi Sharma and Khushbu Singh as well as CEO Arvind Seth and CFO Sarahincluding Chinky Minky, Gaurav Arora, Ashibh Midha and Simran were also present. At the same time, director Khushbu Singh said that One 11 Sports is a gaming platform originally dedicated to cricket. Cricket-related games are becoming popular among people through Android and iOS apps. Nidhi Sharma and Khushbu Singh, Directors of One11 Online Sports Pvt Ltd, said that as a company, the platform will now be available to all types of users. It will be available as an app. The price will be so low as if it is free. These apps are being promoted on all major social media platforms and in advertisements.

CEO Arvind Sethsaid that One11 Online Sports has 6 offices across the country and a 24-hour customer support system. The objective of the company is to popularize cricket to every Indian and to generate interest in cricket. Seth explains that One 11 online sports is also important for creating technical skills and opportunities related to cricket. While the company’s CFO Sarahtold that her team is committed to add 1 crore users within 100 days. The entire plan has also been chalked out to keep those users attached to them. He hopes that his company will prove to be a milestone in the Indian market of cricket. The company currently has assets of $ 5 million, which is expected to be $ 500 million. Sarah is confident that by the end of 2020-21 her team will have more than 500 people. For this, the company has prepared a strong business strategy and marketing plan. The company is committed to transforming its mission into achievement.


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