Shubham Jaglan: The golf Foundation prodigy in race to win IGU Samarvir Sahi Championship 2020


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

SHUBHAM JAGLAN, 15-year young golfer is probably the most talented sports star that our country has right now. He hails from a small village in Haryana. He belongs to a family where his father and forefather all were wrestlers. He began his golfing journey when he was just 5.

His journey to become top junior of the world has not been too smooth from there onwards. Because of insufficient funding the nri owner closed the academy. Any other kid would have stopped his/her dream right there. But Shubham did’nt. He continued playing with the sticks in the mustard field his family owns. Jagpal Jaglan father of Shubham played a big part in his journey. He laid grass over the backyard of his house and later on mats too to make sure he can putt there as well.

As there was no one to guide his game he used to watch youtube videos and try learning each and every aspect of the game. Once while playing in a tournament he met the person who shaped the dream of the golfer. Seeing his enormous talent Amit Luthra (Gold medalist Asian games) founder of “The Golf Foundation” invited him to Delhi to train in his golf academy. He along with his coach Nonita Lal Quereshi played the most important part of his career so far.

In Shubham’s own words “She has molded me into a real sportsman, She has induced the trait of a real champion, She helped me to focus on the process”. As far Today He has won more than 180 tournaments globally. He’s won four world junior events till now and two European championships for his age group, one of those he claimed in Scotland last year by nine shots. His recent win came in IGU amateur tour where he made a comeback win after recovering from a career-threatening injury he sustained last July.

Now, Shubham is playing Men’s Tournament (IGU Samarvir Shahi Championship) in Chandigarh Golf Club to qualify for World Cup & Asia Pacific. He will definitely win this tournament and surely qualify for the selection.


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