Innovation & Healthy Practice By Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam


Saket Dinkar | News Editor/Noida Desk

Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam has initiated a good idea and has put an extra effort to inculcate healthy habit amongst visitors of Sabji Mandi near Old Bus Stand, to save all Ghaziabadis from Corona infection, after adopting good habbit; hand washing on a frequent intervals, seeing Corona virus attack in this high risk area.

At the entry gate of Sabji Mandi near Old Bus Depot near Valon Berth Chauraha, the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam has put a water tankar tricycle with a tap and has also put soap near the wash basis which is attached to the water tankar so that people coming to vegetable mandi can wash & clean their hand with soap and water frequently, after their purchase.

This action of GNN is not just appealing but it is also attracting people coming to vegetable mandi for their day to day need and they can easily wash & clean their hand and save themselves from Corona virus infection.

Not only this, the entire mandi areas was well cleaned, sanitised and bleaching powder was spread with due care in the entire vicinity of vegetable mandi besides main approach roads going toward mandi.

This was found when this reporter visited vegetable mandi today at 10 o clock and he also clicked some photographs of this innovative idea of GNN. This visionary action of GNN must be appreciated and it’s our moral duty not just to promote but also to highlight it, so that all the officials of GNN are  also motivated and given a pat on their back. Thank you all concerned officials of GNN.


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