Moradabad:State Bank’s Divisional Office in the Grip of Corona, Closed for 72 hours


@ Diamond Yadav | Correspondent

Moradabad: The Corona has reached the premises of State Bank of India at Moradabad after one of its employees was detected Corona positive. The premises of the SBI Divisional Office has been closed for next 72 hours.

Increasing number of corona infected patients in Moradabad has raised the concern of the district administration, after finding a corona infected patient at the Divisional State Bank of Moradabad.

 If we talk about Moradabad, till date the number of corona patients has crossed three hundred cases. So far 15 corona patients in Moradabad have died till date as reported. District Court was closed for two days after two of court staff were found Corona positive.

Two employees of the court who were involved in the transactions with State Bank’s Divisional Office at Civil Line, Moradabad may be the carrier of SBI Divisional office.  Now the security guards of the SBI are sending the people reaching the bank at the entry gate.


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