Bulandshahr: Girl Studying In America With Scholarship of About 4 Crore Chased By Eve Teaser, Dies After Falling Off Bike


@ Arun Yadav | Correspondent

Bulandshahr:  UP girl Sudiksha studying in USA on US scholarship dies in Bulandshahr in UP in a bike accident to save a molestation bid.

The molesters were following 20-year-old Sudiksha Bhati of Uttar Pradesh, who was awarded a Rs. 3.8 crore scholarship by US administration for higher studies in the US. She was being chased by molesters as alleged by her family members.

The scooty on which she was riding with her uncle on way to meet her maternal uncle at Sikandarabad skidded when they were tried to skip the molestation bid and he died however her uncle is also seriously injured in the said accident. 

Sudiksha’s father is a tea seller at Dadari. She came to India in June due to the lockdown in USA and was to return to the US on 20 August itself.

 In this today’s incident again a star broken and the road became red with innocent blood and a family’s dream was shattered for ever.  Sudiksha Bhati, a young Girl who secured a scholarship of around Rs 4 crore in the USA, died in a road accident while avoiding molestation in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.  This incident occured on Monday in which  the bullet-ridden boy was harassing Sudiksha again and again by overtaking her scooty. 

The family members of Sudiksha’s house allege that the bullet-ridden youth was repeatedly overtaking Scooty.  After this, the bullet-ridden young man came forward and suddenly applied the brakes but Sudiksha’s scooty could not stop and instead fallen down and her uncle fell on the road and seriously injured.  On the other hand Sudiksha Bhati died on the spot in the said accident.


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