Solution to Pollution : A green initiative by MIE

MIE launches the first of its kind, automatic air purification system in New Delhi today to combat the rising pollution levels. The system inaugurated by Shri Gautam Gambhir


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist
New Delhi: First of a kind initiative by MIE, an Automatic Air Purification System was launched and inaugurated today by Shri Gautam Gambhir, MP – Delhi (East) in the presence of dignitaries, team members and media. MIE is a 4 decades old homegrown brand and a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures and other electrical systems with vast experience in the field of outdoor furniture installation and maintenance services. The company aims to take the MIE Air Purification System to all the major cities similar to their smart lighting initiatives and is preparing to launch in Gurugram soon. These giant air purifiers are approximately 12 feet in height and cover an area of 800 sq m. These fully automatic machines have capacity of delivering approx.2 Lakh cubic metres of clean air every day. This translates to a roughly 30-40% reduction in PM2.5 levels in the covered area.
With the patent in process, the automatic air purification system is a path-breaking invention to handle the menace of rising pollution levels. Along with air purification, the system is equipped with its own lighting system, public display system and is IoT enabled. It is built at a fraction of the cost of a Smog Tower that typically costs several crores. Further, integration of Lighting system will fulfil need for illumination in outdoor space and revenue from public display system will cover running costs of the system. Additionally, with technology integration – the machine can be set to a fixed schedule of operations, and can be monitored and controlled remotely through the website/app of the company. This system has been made in India with extensive research and development done in the company’s Rajasthan and Delhi manufacturing units. This project supports Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of Make-in-India, promoting self-reliance and digital India.
Speaking about the installation, Shri Gambhir stated – “I know that these air purifiers will not solve the problem completely but something has to be done. These air purifiers will have a major impact on people living in the nearby areas. In the long term, we hope to install such air purifiers across Delhi, helping each and every Delhiite especially our elders.”
Rachit Arora, Director of MIE said at the launch today – “In view of the deadly pollution and smog clouds that have encompassed our national capital, MIE has taken on the challenge to address the immediate need for preventive measures for air pollution. With this system our primary goal was to not only help control growing pollution levels but also address 3 key challenges that are attached to smog towers (which are of high cost), serviceability and effectiveness or longevity of such a solution. The problem of pollution may not be solved overnight and requires a joint effort from all citizens as well as concerned agencies. You spend lakhs of Rupees to buy a car, which adds to the pollution – Invest part of it in Air Purification Measures and provide cleaner air to your loved ones.Automatic Air Purification system is one of many such steps and we at MIE are committed to reverse this trend of growing pollution. The company thanks hon’ble MP for gracing


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