GAIL launches Videos on International Day of Families


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

As the country grapples with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, GAIL (India) Limited released video and content on digital platforms coinciding with International Day of Families today to urge everyone to come together as one family and help each other in various ways to fight the crisis.

This video focuses on how people can come together as families and help the elderly in their daily lives by small actions like bringing groceries for them, ensuring well-being and mental health of children, helping front line workers in the field and the service providers to take vaccination. This video also motivates netizens to keep following the #NewNormal habits which include sanitization, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing in public. With the right precautions, the fight against COVID-19 can be won!

As a responsible corporate, GAIL has been striving for value creation in the society and community in which it operates, through its services, conduct and initiatives for a sustained growth for the community.
GAIL released the videos and contents on being #StrongerTogether as the pandemic has pressed the pause button on the daily routine of people’s lives. Technology has become the only way to stay in touch with friends and family.


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