Researching and applying to world-class institutions is now faster, easier, and simpler with IDP Study Abroad App


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Highly recommended for international education aspirants, the IDP Study Abroad App helps students explore their dream institutions and courses with just a few clicks on their cell phones.

The app uses an AI-powered engine to personalise the experience for each student, based on what they search for, view, like, or save on their account. The app provides real-time updates about the student’s university or institution application status.

Students can use the app to browse through a variety of courses and access important information about their desired institutions. Not only can they find their dream course via the app, they can also track their application status from anywhere.

Given the current scenario where students prefer to meet IDP experts virtually, this app will play a key role in helping students stay ahead of their international education goals and connect them with IDP’s international education specialists for a dedicated one-on-one counselling session (free of cost). IDP has over 1300+ certified counsellors to guide students with their educational and career aspirations.

Mr Piyush Kumar, Regional Director (South Asia), said, “The pandemic has made it difficult for students to research and plan their study abroad goals, which motivated us to revolutionise our existing application. Our goal is to provide students with a complete suite of study abroad tools at their comfort, which they can access with a few taps on their mobile screen.”

“There is plenty of relevant written and video content on studying abroad available on the app along with experiences of IDP alumni who have successfully started their courses and careers abroad,” Mr Kumar said.

“We want to ensure that our students receive IDP’s personalised support at every step of their study abroad journey, and this app does a promising job at that,” he said.

IDP Study Abroad App – Key benefits to students

Explore a variety of courses and institutions
AI-powered course recommendations best suited to a student’s profile
Track real-time updates on the application status on mobile

This addition to IDP’s digital suite – IDP already has a fully operational virtual office – will transform how students access information and seek career counselling to realise their study abroad goals. The IDP Study Abroad app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and free to use.


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