AS-IT-IS Nutrition felicitates brand ambassador Olympic Medallist Ravi Dahiya


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New Delhi : AS-IT-IS Nutrition, India’s leading Sports Nutrition D2C supplement brand that has consecutively maintained its dynamic presence in the Indian supplement market felicitated Ravi Kumar Dahiya, the Olympic champion who bagged a silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the hotel Shangril-la in New Delhi on 24th August. AS-IT-IS has supported several exceptional talents who participated at the Olympics out of whom Ravi Dahiya and Deepak Puniya performed exemplarily and set huge inspiration to the future generation as they delivered an unforgettable performance.
The real hero, Ravi Dahiya, after the felicitation program, made a momentous brand video launch featuring Sonu Sood, the AS-IT-IS brand ambassador. The captivating, motivational brand video conveyed the unifying concept of purity and toughness.

The video launch was followed by the grand introduction of AS-IT-IS ATOM range, Whey Protein, Beginner’s Whey, and Plant Protein in the presence of several dignitaries of the supplement market. As per the brand, ATOM range is directed to establish buzz and make an impact in the marketplace by offering reliable nutrition to suit the needs of its potential consumers.

Speaking at the felicitation ceremony, Mr. Arvind Jain, the Managing Director of AS-IT-IS Nutrition praised the performance of the athlete and said, ‘The collaboration with Sonu Sood and Ravi Dahiya has the potential to be transformational with respect to fitness. We remain committed to positioning ourselves to set standards for purity, quality, and value with our range of on-the-go nutrition’.

Mr. Himmath Jain, the Director of AS-IT-IS speaking on the occasion said, ‘we are proud to honour Ravi Dahiya who fought all odds to come out on top. The felicitation symbolizes the unique proposition of don’t settle for less, the triumph can’t be had without the struggle, communicated by the winning performance of the athlete which goes in line with our brand value. AS-IT-IS has come up with the ATOM range of products in order to meet the prevailing demands of supplements, the evolving consumer trends, and to help people transform their performance’.

Mr. Pavan Jain, the Director of AS-IT-IS said, ‘sponsoring the athlete will be a great source of inspiration for the youth and well-define the brand’s credibility in authentic nutrition to fitness. AS-IT-IS not just offers the convenience of fitness supplements but also the budget-friendly accessibility of nutrition. ATOM’s range of supplements will raise the bar for the best-ever performance and fitness transformation’.

After the felicitation, Ravi said to the media, ‘I am very grateful to AS-IT-IS Nutrition for the overwhelming support, feels proud to receive the accolade for the hard work’.


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