Sanatan Kumbh Bhandara Concluded with Pomp at Shri Dudheshwarnath Temple


@ Spl Correspondent & Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

@ Ghaziabad: Today like every year at Siddh Peeth Shridudheshwarnath temple located in Ghaziabad. Shri Mahant Narayan Giri Ji Maharaj Shri (Dudheshwar Peethadheeshwar Ghaziabad International Minister Shri Panch Dasnam Juna Akhara, Shri Dharampal Pal wife Ginni Garg in the Sant Sanatan Kumbh organized in the virtuous memory of Brahmalin Shri Mahant Gauri Giri Ji Maharaj and all the samadhi siddha guru idols this morning. Worshiped the Gurumurtis with Siddha Samadhi and anointed Lord Dudheshwar. Worshiped all the deities established in the temple and fed good roti to the cow mother. Acharyas and students of Vidyapeeth got the worship done with Vedic mantras. After that the tribute meeting started in which Chief Guest Narendra Kashyap, Minister of State, Uttar Pradesh, inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp.

Navratna Soni Rajasthan played its stage operation well. On this occasion Vice President of Dudheshwar Development Committee, Chief Organizer of the program Mr. Anuj Garg wife Prerena Garg, Mr. Anil Agarwal Rajya Sabha MP, Jagatguru Shankaracharya Kashi Sumeru Peethadheeshwar Swami Narendranand Saraswati Maharaj, Chairman of Juna Akhara President Shri Mahant Prem Giri Ji Maharaj, President of Delhi NCR Saint Mahamandal Sadhvi Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vidya Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shri Kanchan Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar, Naval Kishore Das Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shri Hari Om Giri Ji Maharaj, the children of Juna Akhara. K Gadipati Shri Mahant Prithvi Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Narasimhanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Shri Hariram Das Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Sadhvi Vibha Nand Giri Maharaj, Dharmacharya Pamahesh Vashistha Ji Maharaj, Mahant Shyam Giri Ji Maharaj, Thanapati Shri Mahant Dharmendra Giri Maharaj Noida, Mahant Vishwesh Anand Giri Ji Maharaj, Thanapati Kush Puri Maharaj, Swami Brijbhushan Nand Saraswati, Mahant Girishand Giri Ji Maharaj Devi in Sant Mahant of Juna Akhara including Temple, Mahant Vijay Giri Ji Maharaj Shiv Mandir, Patel Nagar, Achal Singh Bhayal Telwada, awakened the spirit of devotion to religion and nation to all the devotees present with their sweet discourses. Anuj Garg, vice-president of the closing ceremony of this Sant Samagam, received the garland of all the saints and saints and blessings from all the saints, Monument and Dakshina. Vijay Sigal, Puneet Sharma, Satyajit, Sahib Singh Chauhan, Sajay Gaurav Sharma etc. Hundreds of saintly saints were honored by accepting the offerings of the Bhandara.


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