13th Yadav Youth-Girls Introduction Conference organized, hundreds of matrimonial relationships fixed

D.P. Yadav (former Member of Parliament and Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh), and Dr. Sudha Yadav (former Member of Parliament, Central Parliamentary Board/Central Election Committee) as the chief guest

Special Report by:- Ashok Yadav/Sudama Pal/Afaq Khan ‘Sameer’

Ghaziabad: The 13th Yadav Youth-Girl Introduction Conference was organized by the Yadav Marriage Introduction Conference Committee at Vrindavan Green Farm House, Arthla Mohnagar. Hundreds of matrimonial relationships were fixed in this.

Dr. Sudha Yadav (former Member of Parliament, Central Parliamentary Board/Central Election Committee) as the chief guest said that today everyone needs daughters-in-law, but no one wants a daughter. When there will be no daughters, then where will the daughters-in-law come from? The Yadav Marriage Introduction Conference Committee should run a program against female feticide and to educate daughters.

D.P. Yadav (former Member of Parliament and Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh) presiding over the program said that when there is development of all, then only the nation will develop. For the development of the society, everyone should join together in creative works. Some build schools for education, some open factories to provide employment so that the society can get employment in some form or the other.

Dr. Krishnapal Singh Yadav (Member of Parliament, Guna, Madhya Pradesh) said that through such programs young men and women get eligible brides and grooms. Today, in the glare of materialism, human being is getting cut off from the society. In such a situation, such events create harmony in the society.

Special guest member Girdhari Yadav (MP, Banka, Bihar) in his speech taught the society a lesson of solidarity. He said that young men and women easily get relationships through such conferences.

Special guest former Legislative Assembly Council Jitendra Yadav said that every year in this conference young men and women from all over the country get help in choosing their life partner.

Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav (awarded with Paramveer Chakra) said that if work is done selflessly for the society, not only the society, but the whole nation unites. He announced to give one lakh rupees next year for Yadav youth-girl marriage introduction conference.


Pushpa Shastri Saghvi said that the spirit of sacrifice is very necessary to unite the society. Society and nation are built only by sacrifice and the life of us saints is made only for building society and nation. If any injustice is done to anyone. So I would request the whole society to oppose it and cooperate with the victim.

Nahar Singh Yadav (President-Former Bar Association, Ghaziabad) said that nowadays the number of divorce cases in the courts is continuously increasing. And the main reason for this is the lack of harmony between the husband and wife, through the introduction conference, the husband and wife choose the right bride and groom for themselves after understanding each other’s behavior, manner of conversation etc.

Bhup Singh Yadav, Sukhvir Singh wrestler,

Sikander Yadav (Social Worker), Devendra Yadav (Chief Convener Yadav Marriage Introduction Committee), Poonam Yadav (District Panchayat Member), Rajendra Yadav (Chairman), Suresh Yadav (Yadav Youth-Girl Marriage Conference), Mahesh Yadav Advocate also addressed Did.

The stage operation of the conference was done by Satendra Yadav (Subhash Yuva Morcha-Organization). Ramavatar Yadav, Devendra Yadav, Sikandar Yadav, Veerpal Yadav, MS- Yadav, Deepak Yadav, Rakesh Yadav, Chhote Yadav, Prem Singh Yadav (S-D-O-) Satyaprakash Yadav (Karhaida), were instrumental in making this program successful. Vinod Yadav, Mahesh Yadav Ed, Shyamveer Yadav, Rajendra Yadav, Rajkumari Yadav, Jagat Pradhan, Satpal Yadav, Rameshwar Yadav, Shivdayal Yadav, Hemant Yadav, Naresh Yadav Ed, Satish Yadav, Santram Yadav (Councillor), Sukhpal Pehalwan, Indra Singh Contractor , Dr. Mukesh Yadav, Brahmapal Yadav (Madan Sweets), Dhirendra Yadav (Councillor), Rahul Yadav, DR Yadav (Principal), Sudhakar Yadav, Krishna Yadav, Udayveer Yadav, Govind Yadav, Sukhveer Singh Yadav, C.B. Yadav, Sudhakar etc.


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