Fintech IRIS to spread wings in Uganda


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

The fintech company IRIS, which offers a suite of technologies to strengthen businesses’ supervisory systems, will expand its operations in various South African countries, including Uganda. Joyce Kakuramatsi Kikafunda, the High Commissioner of Uganda to India, shared this information during the G20 meeting of South African countries held in Delhi.

“The world is rapidly embracing digitalization because it represents the future, and if you want to grow, you must embrace this change. We are also transitioning towards a digital economy. During this process, representatives from IRIS approached me and expressed their intention to do business in Uganda. After considering their offer, I found it suitable and gave them the green light,” Kikafunda informed the National Chronicle.

The G20 meeting of South African countries is taking place in Delhi, where representatives from nations such as Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, among others, have gathered to promote their respective countries.

Uganda is a naturally resource-rich country, boasting abundant reserves of copper, cobalt, limestone, salt, gold, water, crude oil, and natural gas. Speaking about these resources, the High Commissioner stated, “We invite Indian companies to come to our land and utilize these natural resources to increase their production and expand their businesses. Our government will support them in establishing their manufacturing units and provide all possible facilities.”

Mumbai-based Global Fintech is providing its services to 6,200 customers across 52 countries. The company intends to do better work in the direction of digitisation.

IRIS is committed to making early stage investments. It is going to work through PPP model, which will also prove beneficial for the customers.


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