Birthday Special: Lalu ji’s contribution to India’s democracy


Consistency is a rare thing in politics.  But the consistency shown by Lalu ji in politics is not found in any other example in the history of independent India.  From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to North East, in the last three decades, among the regional political leaders, the one person who did not make any electoral or political compromise with the communal forces, even after reaching the death due to ill health during long-term imprisonment, is Lalu ji.  .

Communal riots are the biggest blot on India’s democracy.  The one thing that has harmed Indian democracy the most is communal violence and riots.  Before 1990, when communal riots took place and continued for several days, like the Bhagalpur riots in Bihar, it seemed that the government and the administration were helpless.  But Lalu ji has proved in fifteen years of rule that communal riots cannot happen without the consent of the party which is in power in the government and if it happens, it can be controlled in a few hours.

It is about 2015.  Laluji addressed 242 public meetings in the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections.  He did this when he had a major heart operation a few months back.  Lalu Nitish’s alliance won that election with a huge majority.


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