Ghaziabad’s Champions Succeeded in Open Badminton Tournament

Badminton Competition held at Meerut is being dominated by the players of the Mahamaya stadium


@ ANOI Bureau

Meerut: Recketers the badminton school organised open badminton competition from 31 May 19 to 2nd June.2019 at Saradhana Road near Bubakpur village .
In this competition Mahamaya stadium player Dhiraj Chaudhary and Nipun defeated fourth seeded pair of Param  in the semi-finals of All India Rankings in the doubles competition.
Dheeraj Chaudhary, of Mahamaya Stadium, also captured the men’s singles titles.
Sumit Kumar, the badminton player of Mahamaya Stadium, was the runner-up in the Under-17 competition. The said children who won from Ghaziabad side gave credit to the Mahamaya Stadium Ghaziabad’s Badminton coach, Madhu Awasthi, and district playwright, Tharaki, the children said that the present time is Ghaziabad  The game is being promoted by a good coach and good sportsman and the attention of the players  Being eaten.


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