Instant Legal Consultation on LegalKart’s 24×7 ‘Talk Now Technology’


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: With employees losing jobs and contracts getting terminated by companies, not just professionals but, interpersonal relationships too are seeing a tough phase in current times. With the sudden rise in domestic violence cases, many people are going through severe stress & lockdown is adding pain to it. A common problem faced by almost every person seeking legal aid is that they know they need advice, but they don’t know whom should they approach for the same. In India, getting access to a Lawyer is not so easy and for serious legal advice you cannot trust on suggestions and tips from friends and family or free information on the internet. Getting right advice from an experienced lawyer is the first step while taking a decision or legally dealing with a crisis.

LegalKart, a trusted name within the Legal community has now launched TALK NOW feature on its website for customers who are seeking any legal advice. LegalKart is a Legal technology company and through its proprietary AI based technology has developed a solution which enables the customers to Talk to a Lawyer effortlessly and confidentially sitting at the comfort of his home.

TALK NOW’ feature from LegalKart empowers an individual to connect with a verified Lawyer for matters ranging from job termination, consumer protection, money recovery, cheque bounce, divorce, domestic violence, property matters, corporate issues etc. This Secure & Private calling feature is available on for individuals from any part of the country 24×7 on a real-time basis.

TALK NOW’ on ensures complete confidentiality of the individual. The person can choose to remain anonymous (if they wish to) and their phone number is not visible to the Lawyer. Lawyers advising on the phone will neverask any personal questions related to identity, asset details, other transactions, residential address etc. Just share the facts of the matter and get an honest, neutral and the right legal advice.

In the last 2 months since the service was launched, LegalKart platform has witnessed a huge surge on stressed calls from women and men related to family and marriage issues, and also young people losing jobs with unpaid salaries. LegalKart has served more than 4000 legal advice to individuals from more than 300 cities from across the country in the last 2 months. With the increasing COVID-19 cases in India and complete uncertainty on the lockdown restrictions, LegalKart’s TALK NOW feature is priced at an 80% discounted rate for a larger segment of the Indian population which is going through enormous stress. This offering a limited period discount which was originally priced at Rs. 499 for a 15 minutes advisory session now it’s available only at RS. 99.

Commenting on this new feature, Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder and CEO, LegalKart said, Law is the core of an advanced society and lawyers are its custodians.” Resolving the current crisis arising due to COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed by the government, this is the best we can offer to the society. LegalKart has more than 5500 lawyers on its platform, leveraging the knowledge of learned lawyers and advanced technologies we were able to create this first of its kind legal-tech product in India. Legalkart as a brand strives to provide its customers the power to make informed decisions during unfavorable situations like job loss, rental issues, family matters, money recovery, inability to pay financial interest/dues etc. We wish to make Talk Now a habit for every Indian going through any kind of legal stress. This will save a lot of their time and money and help in taking the right decision before initiating a legal procedure.

Talking to a trusted lawyer with complete confidentiality is not a simple task as it sounds. Getting the right legal adviceat such uncertain times is no less than a basic necessity during a crisis situation. LegalKart’s ‘TALK NOW’ feature is an instant call with a lawyer who will guide you through your troubled times.


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