Sopore Encounter: Civilian Killed as Terrorists Open Fire, 3 Year old Boy Saved by J&K Police


@ Parmod Sharma | Sr Journalist

Jammu Kashmir: A painful picture came to the fore today in Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir.
In this picture, a dead body is lying on the ground, the clothes are stained with blood and there is an innocent sitting on the chest of the dead man That person is the grandfather of this 3-year-old innocent.The innocent child is waiting for when his grandfather will get up and  will return home.  Innocent is completely unaware that his grandfather has been shot dead by terrorists.
The attack was carried out by terrorist in the market area. Indian Security forces also responded by firing the terrorists.  During this firing, a soldier of CRPF 179 battalion was killed.  And this innocent’s grandfather also died after being shot.
Innocent child is oblivious to the fact that the one on whose chest he is sitting ambush to rise, he is no longer in this world.

In the second picture, the child is seen going towards a young man present near the dead body.  Taking this position against the terrorists, this young child is seen pointing towards the other side.

However, after some time the police rescued the innocent child. The child’s tears are not stopping by  Things like biscuits and chocolate delight the minds of children, but the innocent was just sitting around waiting for his mother to go home.
 Innocent is still unaware that he lost his grandfather in a terrorist attack.  But even then this interpretation will stay in the mind of this innocent life.
This painful picture shows how terrorists have become fearless and unrelenting due to mutual differences and the common citizen is not spared.


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