In day broadlight Jewellers shot dead in Meerut, Traders begin Protest


       Pramod Sharma| Sr. Correspondent


Meerut: The traders have now taken the front in the murder case of jeweler Aman jain. All the traders of Meerut city are resented in the murder case of Aman Jain, son of jeweler Saurabh Jain. Vineet Sharda Aggarwal, the convener of the business cell, reached the spot and reprimanded the officials .

 Today in broad daylight four masked miscreants entered the jewelry showroom of Saurabh Jain in Jagriti Vihar Sector- 2 Meerut.
Crooks escaped from from the spot with ₹ 1000000 and 5 kg silver and also killed the jeweler Aman jain.

The incident of loot and murder stirred up the vicinity. When the news spared all the officials reached on the spot. Convener of the BJP’s trade cell,  Vineet Sharda Aggarwal also reached on the spot and rebuked the officials and said that this  government is not the government of SP or BSP goons, this is Yogi-Modi’s government where the place of criminals is in jail or in the abyss.

But the killing in broad daylight has exposed the flivver of Meerut Police. In such a situation, the question also arises as to why the culprit is not ready to fear even after the efforts of Meerut Police.

Where yesterday, the Meerut Police sent about one hundred and fifty criminals to jail within 24 hours and recovered a large number of illegal arms from them. But despite this, four masked armed criminals carried out the incident in broad daylight amidst dense population.


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