Wellness Gym felicitates athletes for Mr. World


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Puneet Singh Nindra Director Wellness Gym & Equipment’s hosted Felicitation Ceremony of IBBF (Indian Body Builder Federation) selected Delhi Team for their Journey to Mr. World being Held at “Uzbekistan “on 18th September 2021 at Wellness Gym, Ghitorni Village, Delhi. Bollywood Singer DALER MEHNDI was the chief guest at the Felicitation Ceremony.
Indian Body builder federation during its selection trail has selected 7 athletes to represent the Indian contingent from Delhi to participate in 12th WBPF world body building and physique sports championship 2021 to be held in Uzbekistan.
Puneet Singh Nindra Director Wellness Gym & Equipment’s felicitated Harmeet Singh (Master Men’s body building 40-49 years upto 80kg), Gurudayal Yadav( Senior Men’s body building 65kg), Arun Kumar (Junior Men’s body building upto 75kg), Menka Bhatia (Senior Women’s model Physique upto 160cm), Vanglunman (senior Women’s model Physique upto 170cm), Deepak Jarwal (Mens sport Physique upto 170 cm- 2kg), Sachin Chauhan (Men’s Sport Physique upto 15cm/ 0kg)
Mr. Puneet Singh Nindra Director Wellness Gym & Equipment’s said “This is a very proud moment for all of us and I am very much honored to host this ceremony. There are so many athletes who do so much for India and all they need is the recognition and applause of the people they work so hard for. Wellness gym is one such platform for these athletes where these athletes are the real heroes and we appreciate their contribution by helping them in front of a large audience.”
WELLNESS GYM is founded with a deep understanding of the way the fitness industry behaves. Having a rich experience of 23 years into the gym and fitness arena. Today we firmly understand the dynamics of this industry. But yet, the learning path is always open and receptive for me. I have seen the paradigm shift of the gym industry from earlier days to where it is today! The Covid area has yet again brought us to the drawing board, where most of the best practices evolved in the last few years have yet again gone for a toss.
As we are preparing ourselves to redraw the entire business models in gym and fitness arena, the principles of strength training and cardio workouts have come back into more prominence. Immunity has become the key factor for survival. And. one of the best-known forms of gymming, which is Weight training & Cardio workouts, has been repositioned at the priority levels in fitness regimes! Gyms are being reset to become more efficient in terms of client mobilization & redesigning to efficient spaces and becoming accessible to neighborhoods, for the simple reasons of serving people, right where they belong to. Health Clubs in areas of 1500 Sq Ft to 4000 Sq ft are considered to be just the right fit of workout spaces to handle the local community and meet their fitness goals & offer personalized services, as to what the community needs. We at Wellness Gym are experts to help you in designing goods. Efficient and branded gyms. Our equipment profile is tailor-made for Indian needs and the environment. We understand the durability factors required


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