Then the Stars of DP Yadav’s Political Fortune will Rise!


@ Sudama Pal | Associate Editor

The political career of Bahubali leader DP Yadav, who has maintained his dominance and influence in the politics of Uttar Pradesh for nearly two and a half decades, was on the slopes for the last one decade. But in the year 2015, after the CBI court in Dehradun sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder of Dadri MLA Mahendra Singh Bhati, the opponents considered his political career to be over. But on November 10, when the Nainital High Court set aside the decision of the Dehradun CBI Court and decided to acquit DP Yadav in the MLA Mahendra Bhati murder case, there was a wave of happiness among his supporters, while his political rivals came under stress. Went. DP Yadav has not only been an MLA many times, but he has also been a member of the Panchayat, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the SP regime. DP Yadav has been an MLA from Janata Dal, SP, Lok Sabha member from Sambhal seat from BSP and Rajya Sabha member from BJP. Not only this, at present he also has his own political party Rashtriya Parivartan Dal. His wife Urmila Yadav from Rashtriya Parivartan Dal has also been MLA from Sahaswan (Badayun). DP Yadav has a strong hold on political influence and voters in the districts of Sambhal, Budaun, Bulandshahr, Noida etc. On Wednesday, as soon as the news of DP Yadav’s acquittal in the Mahendra Bhati murder case came, leaders, social workers and supporters of all parties reached his residence to congratulate him. The sight of the unexpected presence and greetings of many opposition leaders was in itself a clear indication of the upcoming political scenario. Some people were also talking about the fortunes of DP Yadav’s political career going up again there. There is no doubt that the old Bahubali image of DP Yadav has changed in the last few years. Now his image is that of a more big businessman and experienced politician than a domineering leader. He has a personal influence on the public in many districts and even today a large number of his supporters are present there. Therefore, it is believed that he will contest the upcoming assembly elections, but from which party he will contest, it is not clear yet. Although there has been no public discussion on the subject so far, political analysts are speculating that taking advantage of the opportunity this election season, a major political party may give him a ticket from his heavily influenced district of western Uttar Pradesh. If this happens, then it will not be difficult for DP Yadav to become a member of the Legislative Assembly again and due to the support of this party, the current equations of many political parties in the districts of his personal influence are sure to be disturbed.


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