Public Interest through Public Awareness and Revenue Generation Is Our Top Priority -ARTO, Ghaziabad


Saket Dinkar: News Editor

Ghaziabad : Newly appointed ARTO, Ghaziabad; Sri Rahul Srivastava who recently took charge has described public interest through public awareness and revenue generation at the same time, as his top priority in his agenda of reforms in the day today functioning of RTO office. He described if due public generation is created automatically the revenue generation goes up and both of the module; public awareness & revenue generation simultaneously work which are now the priority areas in the working of RTO office, Ghaziabad. Basically, if public is well aware then it will be easy to get their issues resolved or grievances redressed and so functioning of RTO office will also be transparent and efficient. If public is fully aware, this will also lead to more revenue for the state. So public awareness and revenue collection at the same time have been started and now it is seen in the office.

During an interview to “A News of India’ Sri Srivastava described in detail his efforts put towards betterment in the day to day functioning of RTO office Ghaziabad. He also informed in detail action taken by him towards bringing reforms in RTO office that including; display of banners, boards, hoarding, billboards etc. describing various job undertaken by RTO office for which documentation required, fees to be paid and details of forms required for a particular job like, issuance of learner license, permanent license, transfer of ownership, tax deposition, issuance of NOC, registration of vehicles etc. besides services available though online mode and or offline mode etc. so that public is not moving here & there to know the procedural formalities required by RTO office for a particular work.

RTO office Ghaziabad now is making all efforts to bring transparency and better functioning in its office under the leadership of present ARTO; Sri Rahul Srivastava. This correspondent has also seen some of the changes in the premises of RTO office, Ghaziabad after joining of Sri Srivastava. Not only inside office of RTO Ghaziabad changed, but, changes have also seen outside RTO premises near approach road of main gate of RTO office where now 33% lesser agents and other middle man seen working during the visit of this correspondent which clearly reveals the effort of newly appointed ARTO is being seen and some transparency and public awareness has brought this changes subsequently some agents and middlemen have left the place near RTO office.

On asking by News Editor of “A News of India” why public awareness is his top priority? Sri Srivastava who hails from Bhadohi district in Eastern UP/ Purwanchal, told, see Up government is offering OTS scheme under which 100% fine/interests on the tax imposed on commercial vehicles who any how could not have paid road/other tax on time during Corona period. In spite of that, commercial vehicles owners/operators are not utilising the benefits of this OTS scheme and not getting benefited from 100% fine/interests waiver on the due road and other tax levid on commercial vehicle for the Corona period it is because there is lack of awareness in the common people. So basically there is lack of awareness in the minds of common people about all these developments in the government policy which was taken by state government to give some kinds of relief to common people which is practically in public interests. So now onwards RTO office will work in close co-ordination with media and other modes of public awareness. So my I have listed out my priorities.


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