Unique initiative of producer Mukesh Pandey, under the banner of Om Motion Entertainment, Anoop Jalota and Saroj Mishra recorded the devotional song Bhole Ka Shringar beautifully composed by Dilip Sen


ANOI Bureau

Mumbai: A unique initiative of producer Mukesh Pandey has come to the fore. A devotional song Bhole Ka Shringaar in the voice of Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota and Mrs. Saroj Mishra under the banner of Om Motion Entertainment, recorded at music composer Dilip Sen’s studio in Mumbai. Produced by Mukesh Pandey, the music of this devotional music video is composed by Dilip Sen while the lyrics are penned by Kiran Mishra. Its executive producer is Rakesh Pandey and video director is Pankaj Jayarath.

Mrs. Saroj Mishra is a disciple of Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahab. He has received proper training in music and singing from the great musician. She has been very close to Ghulam Mustafa Khan and he considered Saroj Mishra as his daughter.

Vocal artist Saroj Mishra told that on the day of laying the foundation stone of the Ram temple, she took a vow that she would continue to sing a bhajan till the Ram temple in Ayodhya is completely constructed. Today, the 198th hymn has been recorded. When I went to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, he appreciated my work. Earlier I sang for a film under the music direction of Usha Khanna. Sung the title song of a serial under the music direction of Ravindra Jain. My mentor has been Padmavi bhushan Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, from whom I have taken proper training in music and singing. Many Sai Bhajans sung by me have been released by Music Companies. My Ghazals album has also been released by Times Music. Now, along with Anoop Jalota ji I have sung this devotional song Bhole Ka Shringaar for composer Dilip Sen.”

Anoop Jalota and music composer Dilip Sen praised Saroj Mishra’s voice and her style of singing. Dilip Sen pointed out that Saroj Mishra is a classically trained singer so she has a pause in her voice and makes devotional songs effective. She also rehearses and is an advocate of perfect singing. It is expected that whenever this devotional song will be released, it will be liked by the audience and listeners. Its lovely music video will be shot soon.


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