Britannia Marie Gold in partnership with NSDC announces India’s 1st Skill Development Program for homemakers to startup


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New Delhi, March 5, 2020: Britannia Marie Gold today announced the launch of the second season of its annual ‘Britannia Marie Gold My Startup’ initiative which provides financial assistance to homemakers with entrepreneurial ideas. This year, the brand has partnered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to launch India’s first-ever skill development program customized for women with entrepreneurial aspirations. 10,000 women homemakers from across the country will undergo this online certification course between April and June 2020. The online training touches upon all key levers of entrepreneurship. The Britannia Marie Gold My Start Up initiative is designed to help India’s homemakers become financially independent and transform them into job creators.

The online courses will be available through NSDC’s eSkillIndia portal that drives Government of India‘s Skill India Mission digitally. The e-courses will empower women to gain basic communication skills, financial literacy along with information and communication technology (ICT), and micro entrepreneurial skills for socio economic self-reliance. The online nature of the training provides easy access to the courses from the comfort of their homes across the country. The primary aim is to train women on key functional skills to boost their confidence at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. The training program will be available in two languages – English and Hindi. The digital skilling content will be supported by formative and summative assessments, and eCertification will be awarded to the participants upon successful completion of the course.
Britannia’s ‘My Startup’ Initiative also provides financial assistance to homemakers who have entrepreneurial ideas backed by a practical business plan. To participate in the program, the homemakers can give a missed call, send a WhatsApp message to the number provided on the Britannia Marie Gold pack or log on to and share their business idea.
Britannia Marie Gold launched the ‘My Marie My Startup’ campaign in the year 2019 on the back of a Nationwide Survey on Barriers and Triggers to Women Entrepreneurship in India conducted in 2018. The overwhelming response of 1.5 million entries in the first Edition of the campaign and the insights gained thereof encouraged the brand to add skill development as a core delivery in the initiative this year.

Talking about the second edition of Britannia Marie Gold My Start Up campaign and partnership with NSDC, Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, Head of Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd. said, “Britannia Marie Gold My Start Up initiative aims to fulfill Indian women’s aspirations of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and gaining financial independence. We believe that homemakers are the drivers of growth for a country’s success. They have uninhibited energy, endless love and limitless patience. They exhibit an entrepreneurial aptitude in their everyday lives. And yet they seek to do more and be more. This is the rationale for the “Britannia MarieGold My Start up” initiative. Data from a nationwide survey we conducted also pointed out that skill development was a crucial need along with finances. We found the perfect partner in National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to develop and deliver the requisite skills. The scale of the initiative this year has increased manifold with 10,000 homemakers going through an online, certified skill development program. Our partnership with NSDC will help build a vibrant ecosystem and facilitate micro entrepreneurship amongst women.”
The 21st century poses many challenges that require new ways of thinking, but nothing is more important than the economic role of women in a rapidly changing world. A key pillar to lead this transformation is skill development. Sharing his thoughts on the same, Dr. Manish Kumar, MD & CEO, NSDC quoted, “Women constitute 48% of Indian population but as per estimates only 23% participate in labour force. Skilling initiatives especially focused towards Entrepreneurship & Gig Economy is the need of the hour given that 229.2 million, out of the 301.5 million who are not in the labour force, state their status as ‘attending domestic duties’ and innovative approaches that create economic opportunities for them without conflicting with social needs will be a win-win solution for all. If we could add 20 percentage point more to women labor force, India’s GDP will go up by more than 1 trillion USD.”
Ms. Anuradha Vemuri, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship said “In the modern world, more and more women are emerging as beacons, leaders in integral roles contributing towards the nation’s growth. They are change-makers and custodians of a value system that holds the keys to the society’s development. Through their enterprise and compassion, women today are not only transforming their own lives but are also inspiring others to do better. The Government’s vision of Skill India rides on the ability of women to rise as entrepreneurs and employers and we are focusing all our energies to create conditions that empower women to strive for their dreams and ambitions. We will continue to be catalysts in the journey to unlock their potential and help them find success.”

Aspiring women entrepreneurs can log onto for more details and participation criteria.


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