New Technology based Gym – Body Sculpting, Realtime Bicycling, Advanced cardio Crossfit, Funtional Training at DIET N FIT – THE FITNESS STUDIO


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi : DIET N FIT – THE FITNESS STUDIO (DNF) – a totally new concept in body sculpting and personal training launched on 2nd August, Uttam Nagar. The new Gym is dedicated towards fitness through smart innovations for all fitness levels.

DNF provides a new concept in personal training by dividing its services into two segments. Starting from their inclusivity and accessibility for everybody, India’s first Virtual Reality cycling a specialised spinning class featuring their SCI-FI Rides and training software designed in Denmark. They are offering training sessions designed for all, the gym environment motivates and pushes members and makes it easier for them to achieve their fitness goals in no time.

Secondly, DNF is integrated with App which delivers all kinds of fitness services to all age groups under one roof.

Shanmuganathan.N- Founder- Proprietor, DIET N FIT – THE FITNESS STUDIO said- “I would like to invite everyone to experience the benefits of connected fitness.”

DIET N FIT – THE FITNESS STUDIO is “Working Towards A Healthier India” providing technology based prime services, world-class equipment, 24×7 accessibility to its members through their app.
‘It’s time to achieve next level fitness and now we can reach anywhere, anytime, at any place’ as further explained by Shivam Bali-Director of Operations.

With motivational support, nutritional guidance, training advice DNF encourages people to challenge themselves and improve their health through eating better and getting exercise.

The SCI-FI rides come with user-friendly systems with a variety of cycling workouts. Real bicycles are used in place of Stationary gym bikes which provides real experience to the riders. SCI-FI Ride is integrated with Virtual Reality and the cycles are designed to give rocking movements which burns more calories, works on major Muscle groups. The cycles are designed for fitness enthusiasts of all age groups. The ride workouts are constant and is always a smart way to train body metrics.

The goal of the SCI-FI rides is to provide diversity in improving cardiovascular health, stability and overall fitness. It’s also great in burning calories and increasing metabolic rate.

The new safety protocols, wearing mask mandatory, ventilation, reduced capacity is maintained.
All staffs are Vaccinated, will wear Face Shield, gloves, All the equipment in the gyms are sanitised after every use throughout the day.
From temperature check, sanitisation, maintaining distance all norms are being followed. All the members are advised to bring their own water bottles, sanitiser, towels etc.


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