Badals surrender GHP Schools to state: SADD


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

NEW DELHI: The SADD lashed out at the Badals for surrendering Sikh heritage schools in New Delhi to the Indian state.

Party secretary-general Harvinder Singh Sarna informed the Sangat that the surrender was duly recorded in a DSGMC affidavit to the Delhi High Court.

“Instead of paying the long-standing salary bills of GHPS staff, the Badals submitted in the High Court, in a written affidavit, that the chain of schools doesn’t belong to the DSGMC,” the Panthak leader observed.

Sarna noted that the abject surrender of the Sikh heritage institutions destroyed the legacy built by prominent community elders of the last century.

“The GHPS chain started with one school and rose to as many as 13. It was the result of selfless dedication and service of several prominent Gursikhs of New Delhi. Now all that is gone. There’s not a single GHP School left that can be rightfully associated with the DSGMC,” the SADD secretary-general said.

Sarna blasted the Badals for rendering the Sikh institutional power in New Delhi completely bankrupt, financially as well as in terms of heritage.

“They sucked every penny out of the gurdwara treasury, left the staff in the lurch, embezzled medical aid, leased out gurdwara estates to shell companies linked to MS Sirsa and have now handed over GHP Schools to the Indian state,” the SADD leader observed.

The Panthak group proposed to form its own committee of New Delhi’s Sikh residents for financial and administrative management of the GHP Schools.

The SADS has, meantime, also activated its legal cell to explore the ways to undo the damage perpetrated by the Badals.

“We will keep the Sangat posted about our next plan of action to get the GHP Schools back to the community, preferably through a panel of Sikh residents of the city,” Sarna said.


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