Ghaziabad police arrested 03 accused including a Nigerian For cheated people through social sites


News Desk/ Deepak Pal/ Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Cyber ​​cell and PS Vijayanagar police arrested 03 accused including a Nigerian accused of foreign girls, befriending boys, cheating on the pretext of marriage, 32 ATM cards, 5 mobiles, 6 check books, 02 passbooks etc.

Cyber cell and Police station Vijay Nagar police has arrested 3 people, these people used to trap innocent people through social sites, these people used to promise marriage in the voice of the girl and used to get their hard earned money deposited in their account.

Police station Vijay Nagar in-charge Amit Khari got information that some people are cheating people through social sites, the police arrested some people by running a campaign.  These people used to do simple and used to take lakhs of rupees on the pretext of calling people to the airport, the police arrested these three people through cyber cell, from whom fake Aadhaar card fake currency and other.

According to Nipun Aggarwal, SP city Ghaziabad , these 3 people were caught, they told that these people used to contact innocent people through social sites, after contact, these people used to be friends, these people used to talk to people as girls.  And they used to talk about giving money on the pretext of marriage and these people used to fraudulently deposit money from people in their account, these people also used to come to India.


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