India cult Mens Fashion week auditions start’s from 26th March


Afak Khan/ Correspondent/Entertainment Desk

Fashion TV School of Performing Arts (SOPA) South Delhi has associated with India Cult Men’s Fashion Week for conducting their auditions at their South Delhi branch. For the first time in history, Fashion TV SOPA South Delhi has collaborated with India Cult Men’s Fashion Week. FTV SOPA’s South Delhi branch couldn’t have been a more perfect place to conduct an audition for one of the biggest fashion weeks happening in the men’s segment. The fashion week will be taking place at Srinagar, Kashmir on the 26th and 27th of March. This marvelous concept was driven by the minds of Gaurav Gupta, Kosi Bhati, and Adnan Shah, the partners of India Cult Men’s Fashion Week.

The auditions were judged by esteemed names of the fashion industry John Marya, Bharat Reshma, Santanu Bose, Kapil Gauhri, and Auchitya Thakur. They auditioned around 120-150 talented male models who had appeared for the audition. Thamina Habibi, the COO of FTV SOPA, South Delhi, and consulting CEO Mr. Parimal Mehhta took the initiative for this event, handholding with India Cult Men’s Fashion Week.

Tamina Habibi has the vision of growing and grooming fresh talents by giving them the right amount of exposure in the fields of photography, cinema, fashion, and personality development. She will be running the FTV SOPA under the guidance of FTV Owner, Mrs. Bimla Devi.
Mrs. Bimla Devi has seen the scope of organizing this show at Srinagar as she believes that B and C town cities are filled with talents, holding the huge potential to shine in the glamour industry.

Mr. Parimal Mehhta, the consulting CEO at FTV SOPA has been an expert at talent grooming. He has also choreographed various fashion shows, pageants, making his mark in the industry. He will be choreographing the fashion show for FTV SOPA in alignment with known designers at Srinagar. FTV SOPA has also announced 3 supermodels representing FTV SOPA South Delhi, namely Vaibhav Maurya, Gokul G, and Vivek Lazarous.


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