After Massive Success in Pune and Ahmedabad, FinTech Startups Polytrade and Afterlife Taps Delhi with Impulse Technical India Tour 2.0.


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Indian tech startups Polytrade and Afterlife, in collaboration with Impulse Technical, are organizing live seminars and meet-ups in top-ranked Indian cities with the highest per capita income. With a distinct vision to bring out the potential in Indian investors and assist them in achieving financial freedom, the tech duo Polytrade and Afterlife hosted a live seminar for investment awareness on 4th May 2022 at The Imperial Hotel CP, New Delhi, as the third stop on the Impulse Technical India Tour 2.0.

The event was organized under the supervision of the country’s leading financial consultant and founder of Impulse Technical, Harshubh Shah in the delighted presence of Ashish Sood, Head of Product Management at Polytrade, Sankalp Kumar, Asia Business Development Head – Polytrade, Sheetal Kaul and Aditya Kalla, Co-Founders – Afterlife, and other prominent attendees. More than 400 people attended the seminar.

Harshubh Shah addressed various financial queries from the audience in the seminar. To benefit people attending the seminar, a knowledge session was given on the occasion where Harshubh Shah discussed Investment Planning, Smart Diversification of Funds, the Stock Market, Understanding the Right Time to Invest, and other important aspects of achieving financial freedom.

Citing a financial study, “Only 2% of Indians invest in equities,” Harshubh Shah, Founder of Impulse Technical stated while addressing the audience. He said, “This seems like a love-hate relationship between the stock market and the Indians. Most people avoid investing because of misunderstanding, a lack of trust, and the absence of a user-friendly trading setup. As a result, they never learn about the marvels of making their money work for them.”

Polytrade, a Blockchain-based crypto trading company enables crypto investors to safely invest their crypto assets in real-world commercial use cases, whereas, an innovative tech startup, Afterlife integrates the world of tech and design to ensure the delivery of wealth & happiness to the families by addressing the concerns of succession by unlocking the potential of utilizing blockchain to revolutionize the insurance avenue.

With Impulse Technical India Tour 2.0, the tech duo Polytrade and Afterlife is embarking on an all-India tour to undertake live interactions with retail investors to achieve the goal of developing an adaptable and efficient trading ecosystem for all using the power of the internet’s largest revolution, Blockchain. The last two events, held in Pune and Ahmedabad, were hugely successful, with passionate retail investors attending from all around the country.

The Impulse Technical India tour will consist of a chain of educational events in over fifty cities, with Polytrade, Afterlife, and Impulse Technical interacting with retail investors and conducting brainstorming discussions over the power of investing- and the opportunity to change things for the better.


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