Chabeel Sewa during Shaheedi Month quenches Thirst in Scorching Heat


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist
Delhi NCR:World Sikh Chamber of Commerce(WSCC) joined hands with Khalsa Help Foundation (KHF) to conduct this Chabeel sewa not for a day but for almost a month so that poor people around Delhi NCR can get respite from hot scorching weather. Delhi NCR temperatures have crossed 50° in some places.
WSCC President Parmeet Singh Chadha & KHF President Gurpreet Singh Rummy have jointly requested other Sikh organisations to parallelly do such sewa at more location as service to humanity around this martyrdom month.
In continuance to this appeal, Chabeel was Organised at Sainik Farms Outer road and various Dignitaries came out and took part in this sewa. S K.S.Duggal, S Damanjeet Duggal organised this Chabeel and Langar for sangat.
Dr.Chadha thanked all the Dignitaries for coming and taking blessings
“Chabeel” ,Sweet cold rose milk brings big respite to people on road it quenches their thirst and boost their energy. Labour class, Ricksha drivers, Cab and Truck drivers, other On the road people got respite from hot weather by having this Chabeel and had a smile on their face.
Fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev ji was tortured by Mughal king Jahangir for 5 days by making him sit on hot iron plate and Mughal solders pouring hot sand on him.
Instead of doing mourning, as per teaching of their guru, Sikhs started to remember this day in a positive manner by serving cold sweet rose milk to sangat.
Sikhs do this sewa across the globe to promote Sarbat the Bhalla and thanked Almighty for all his blessings.


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